9 books to read absolutely during the fall

The streets are lined with leaves, the temperatures have dropped, the days are wet with rain. The perfect conditions to read a good book while sipping something warm.

9 books to read absolutely during the fall

In addition to reporting the reasons so this season is perfect for book lovers, here are the ideal readings for your autumn days reported by bustle.com.

Salem nights, Stephen King

An abandoned house, a remote village, bloodthirsty vampires. When the young Stephen King decided to transplant Bram Stoker to New England he knew that his idea of ​​him, despite his appearances, was good, but perhaps not even his vivid imagination could have said how much.

The atmosphere that reigns in all the books of the American writer that drag you into the perfect autumn weather. In this case, the setting, a vampire haunted house, and scary storyline make it a perfect read for this time of year, fall.

God of illusions, Tartt woman

A well-made list of books to read this fall wouldn’t be perfect without this short story by Donna Tartt. It is one of the best books among those capable of creating an atmosphere. You’ll feel the New England breeze right in your living room. A fine little college in Vermont. Five rich and spoiled boys and their eccentric and charming ancient Greek professor, who teaches outside the academic rules imposed by the university and only to a small circle of students. An elite of young people who live off excesses and illusions, far from the reality that surrounds them and immersed in the celebration of a mythical and idealized past, between classical studies and Dionysian rites, alcohol, drugs and subtle erotic games. Until, on a cursed night, violence erupts. And their world begins to collapse inexorably, piece by piece.

RebeccaDaphne du Maurier

In Montecarlo, a young lady-in-waiting meets and marries the rich widower Maxim De Winter. But in her mansion in Manderley, Cornwall, the haunting memory of his first wife Rebecca, fueled by an eccentric housekeeper, drives the girl to the brink of her insanity until the sea returns Rebecca’s corpse. If you haven’t read it yet, take advantage of this time of year for this more than engaging story.

The cider house rules, John Irving

The story of Homer Wells who grew up in St. Cloud’s orphanage in Maine, and of doctor-father Wilbur Larch, who welcomes abandoned babies into his institution and aborts poor women who would otherwise end up in the hands of butchers. Larch educates the young man and teaches him the profession, in the hope that one day he will take his place. Homer prefers to leave the orphanage and go his own way by working on a cider farm. He will soon realize that he knows nothing of the grown-up world, and that he will have to face pain, roughness, and go a long way to understand the rules of life.

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We have always lived in the castle, Shirley Jackson

A short and scary story to immerse yourself in the darkest days of autumn. Eighteen-year-old Mary Katherine tells us about her great ancestral house where she lives in seclusion, in a state of idyllic happiness, with her beautiful sister Constance and an invalid uncle. There would be nothing strange in their passion for minute daily rituals, good cooking and gardening, were it not that all the other members of the Blackwood family died of poisoning six years ago, sitting at the table, right there in the dining room. .

The ocean at the bottom of the path, Neil Gaiman

All of Gaiman’s books drag you into the plot and make you believe you are living in the places described by the book. Read this book this time of year to get carried away. The supernatural elements of the plot will keep you attached to the book and return you to your childhood.

The Witches of Eastwick, John Updike

the witches of eastwick
This book is about 3 divorced women who have extraordinary powers. But these powers, as always, have a price to pay. Once uncovered, a major scandal strikes the Eastwick community. Fall is the perfect season to read stories of witches, vampires, and ghosts, and Updike’s storyline is the perfect blend of all of this.

The shadow of the windCarlos Ruiz Zafón

One morning in 1945 the owner of a modest second-hand bookshop takes his 11-year-old son, Daniel, into the heart of Barcelona’s old town to the Forgotten Book Cemetery, a place where thousands of books that time has erased the memory, are stolen from oblivion. Here Daniel comes into possession of the “cursed” book that will change the course of his life. A real book about books set in Barcelona at the time. If you are sad about the end of summer and want a story that you can totally immerse yourself in, start this book now!

9 books to read absolutely during the fall