A beloved hero was revealed as the king of the vampires in a new DC comic

Waiting for the third installment of DCeased and in the prelude to the development of other stories set in alternative versions of the DC Universe such as jurassic league Y DC-Mechduring this week DC Comics presented the sixth number of DC vs Vampiresthe limited series written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Daniele Di Nicuolo, Simone Di Meo and Otto Schmidt that focuses on a universe where vampires want to conquer the world and not even the Justice League can stop them.

If they have followed the premise of DC vs Vampires Since its debut in October 2021, it will probably already be clear to you that like most stories set in alternative universes, this comic has killed several well-known superheroes and has also transformed iconic figures of the Justice League into bloodthirsty vampires. blood and power

However, what is probably the most important revelation of DC vs Vampires To date, it arrived this Tuesday since the identity of the Vampire King was finally uncovered and he was not the villain that everyone suspected.

Of course, next we will enter the realm of the spoilers for DC vs Vampires.


The sixth number of DC vs Vampires It kicked off with a reunion between Green Arrow and much of the Batfamily, including Batman/Bruce Wayne, Robin/Damian Wayne, Robin/Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain/Batgirl, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, and Alfred Pennyworth.

The idea of ​​that meeting was not only to regroup, but also to capture and defeat some of the Justice League members who had turned into vampires in previous issues.

So when Wonder Woman and Green Lantern/Hal Jordan showed up right at the lair’s door, the heroes were quick to attack and cut them down using sunlamps and stakes. You know, the typical things to kill vampires.

But while everything seemed to be going more or less well after Green Arrow’s revenge for Barry Allen’s death (Hal killed him in the first few issues), eventually things took a turn.

It turns out that Batgirl/Barbara Gordon wasn’t with the group because she had run into The Suicide Squad in an investigation she intended to unmask the Joker as the King of the Vampires. However, Gordon discovered that the Clown Prince of Crime had been murdered and he wasn’t a vampire.

Evidently that revelation implied that Batman and company had been deceived by nothing more and nothing less than a member of his close circle.

But while Bruce was planning what to do with that information, the Gotham vigilante was attacked from behind by Nightwingthe first Robin and adopted son of Wayne who revealed that He was the King of the Vampires.

Obviously, the Bat-family did not take long to attack Grayson, however, with his enhanced vampire abilities, Dick did not have many problems to finish them all and even, in his confrontation with Tim, explained that he passed all the tests they carried out to verify that he did not he was a bloodsucker because took starfire’s blood.

And, as if that wasn’t macabre enough, Nightwing and Wonder Woman wanted to turn Jason Todd into a vampire. However, the issue closed with the death of the Red Hood and the beginning of the King of the Vampires’ and his entourage’s plan for world domination.

DC vs Vampires it will have 12 numbers, so we are only halfway through this story.

A beloved hero was revealed as the king of the vampires in a new DC comic – La Tercera