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“Stop crying, you have to enjoy,” he sings Alaska (Mexico City, 59 years old) in it doesn’t compensate meone of the songs from the new EP by fangoria, Ex-professed. He says that everything she and Nacho do canut —his artistic partner since 1977, the times of Kaka de Luxe—is very thoughtful. Now they invite you to enjoy and not judge, with a sound eclecticism that takes you from home to rock. Because, defi Therefore, not everything is what it seems: “I am zero exhibitionist, even if it is incredible. I would love to be invisible.”

Have you been prejudiced towards something and changed your mind?

Well, I don’t know, because I was going to say that I’m not very prejudiced, but it sure isn’t true. We all have prejudices.

Come back to glamor with A vampire for two. What is your favorite movie vampire? Would you like to live forever?

The Christopher Lee of the Hammer. But I’m not too interested in vampires. I like werewolves better, Frankensteins. The idea of ​​eternal life seems like a punishment to me, not a gift.

“Nobody is always absolutely right,” the lyrics say. Some politicians seem to think so, do you suspect they are vampires?

No, vampires are more mysterious. Today everyone believes they are right, there are Twitter and social networks to prove it.

Presented the Benidorm festival. Would you consider going to Eurovision?

We are like two loaves without salt, Nacho and I are not competitive. They give us have points and the same face as with zero points.

Was it more than TanxugueirasRigoberta or Chanel?

I must not say it. But I’m delighted with the result that was.

A reference diva?

Charo Baeza, a successful Murcian in the United States, in Hollywood and in Las Vegas.

How does one manage to stay, despite fashions and trends?

Well, ignoring it. Being, doing Sometimes I suppose that what is called commercial success accompanies you and other times not. What he did in the beginning was pure transgression.

Today is it still possible or does political correctness rule?

Well, I don’t know, there’s a mix between correction and cancellation… It must be a pain to be 14 years old now.

What do you think of cancel culture?

I don’t understand it, because what is part of our history is part of our history. The Egyptians and the Romans were already dedicated to breaking the statues of the one they wanted not to appear.

One of the songs says “Who do you party with, I don’t care.” Should artists expose themselves less?

It’s not just a matter of artists, it’s from everyone. Before, it was only famous people who could or could not appear in magazines and say one thing or another. Today is the whole world. The lyrics are about a couple who are already back.

Have you ever reached that point?

Never, because I get to the end and when there is nothing to do, there is nothing to do. But never back. And I’m old enough. I hope it doesn’t happen to me.

‘Ex-Profeso’ is the EP that completes the trilogy that Fangoria began after the confinement, which began with ‘Pop Existentialism’ and continued with ‘Edificaciones paganas’. Photo: Warner Music Spain

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Alaska: “I don’t understand the cancellation culture” | Celebrities | S Fashion EL PAÍS