Alert about a “white vampire”: looking for lactating women to drink their milk in Río Negro

A suspected case of “lactophilia” came to light in Roca after several women publicly denounced a person from Ingeniero Huergo who uses social networkss to access breast milk under the screen of a “work exit”. The case turns out “unprecedented” in the region and medical professionals They ruled out any justification for their consumption. They clarified that commercialization is totally prohibited.

Through a false profile of Facebook, this person, who would be a man in his 40s or oldercoptic lactating women to get their milk voluntarily in exchange for cash, reaching up to 10,000 pesos per week.

Nevertheless, some testimonies showed that the subject asks to extract it himself from the woman’s chest, on the pretext that I don’t know “contaminate” or lose its benefitsyes “One of the ones she attended the place where he summoned her, had to escape since he tried to put her in a van”, they warned from the Campaign for the Emergency in Violence of Roca.

According to the testimonies, the subject bases the consumption of milk as part of a health treatment for a supposed illness that he suffers.

Hi, I’m looking for a breast milk donor. you pay 3,200 and it would be three times a week 9,600 pesos«. Several screenshots of Facebook posts accessed by this medium reveal what began to be a recurring pattern.

To those who respond or contact with the expectation of financial compensation; immediately a profile with a woman’s name asks them: “How long have you been lactating and how old are you?”. On July 20 another “job offer” was seen on networks for lactating mothers. Especially for those who want to generate income to “work” with a daily pay of 4,000 pesos.

“He wrote to me because he had a disease and breast milk was his treatment, but (the milk) had to be direct from the breast because otherwise it would lose its nutrients”, A young woman who was linked through networks with the denounced subject commented to this medium.

A young woman from Roca, who for security reasons requested confidentiality of her identity, arrived at the scene and offered a key testimony. “I saw the post on Facebook and paid 3,200. I wrote and a girl who is supposed to be a nurse and she told me to go and wait for me at the Huergo stop. I told him I was on a motorcycle,” said the young woman who was warned that had to express milk and put it in a container. Finally, far from going alone, she decided to go accompanied by her partner.

“When I arrived at the place, the boy attended me and I went inside alone. my husband was outsideI didn’t know what I was going to find. There was the alleged nurse and the subject. Inside there was a large television and cameras everywhere,” the woman told RIO NEGRO.

“He said it is because of a stomach issue that he has and the doctor recommended that he relieve himself with breast milk”, revealed the woman who was in the place. In her case, they just made her extract herself, paid her, and left. Thus ended the whole relationship.

“After I found out that he used the girls or wanted to drink from the same breast. I think it was because she was with my husband, but that didn’t happen to me, “she said.

Upon returning home, she wanted to communicate again and had been blocked from all networks.

Marketing is prohibited

After knowing this information, This medium contacted professionals from the Francisco López hospital Lima who announced that in the last hour they received an alert about this modality.

Daniela Fernández, who is a nutritionist and coordinator of the Human Milk Bank, explained that the commercialization of human milk is totally prohibited and asked the community not to enter into this type of modality. He clarified that resolution 1930 of the year 2011 prohibits commercialization in all the countries that make up Mercosur. Along the same lines, Provincial Law 5308, which creates the Milk Bank, prohibits any of these activities, which are totally illegal.

«It is a free, voluntary, altruistic donation and does not have to be marketed either through money or barter.and. It cannot be marketed in any way,” said the professional, who also clarified that there may be diseases that can be transmitted if the milk does not receive the proper treatment.

Cecilia Luengo, who is also a member of the Milk Bank, also expressed herself along the same lines, clarifying that the argument that this person needs breast milk for treatment is a fallacy. “That does not exist. It has no scientific basis. The consumption of breast milk is in an infant stage not in adulthood,” said the professional who was also surprised by the case.

What is a “white vampire”

Lactophilia is a type of sexual fantasy related to breast milk. The “white vampires” are men who carry out this form of abuse in which they seek by all means, through excuses, drinking or drinking milk directly from the breasts of the lactating woman as a way to become sexually aroused.

These people usually browse the networks through false profiles and in some cases they arrive and join breastfeeding groups, in order to obtain photos, videos or stories of interest to them. This modus operandi also allows them to contact their victims personally.

“Lactophilia is another way of objectifying our bodies where women’s sexual and reproductive processes are violated”, assured Lara Ferrini, member of the Campaign for the Emergency in Violence. In addition, she asked the victims to come forward to report and warned about sexual harassment and abuse during breastfeeding.

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Alert about a “white vampire”: looking for lactating women to drink their milk in Río Negro