All seasons of “American Horror Story” from worst to best

One fine day, the CEO of Disney+ got out of bed and said, “Let’s cut it all.” And so the most family-friendly streaming platform that exists has succeeded where Amazon Prime has failed and where Netflix Italia hasn’t even tried: it’s finally available American Horror Story. What’s wrong with family friendly? We will think about that another time, because today we are here to draw up the ranking of the seasons of the series Ryan Murphy from worst to best.

11. Hotels

It is unanimously defined as the ugliest and most useless season of the franchise, and I agree. It would have been interesting to learn more about the history of the Hotel Cortez (inspired by the lethal Cecil of Los Angeles) and of those who populate it, but no: Lady Gaga quartering to the right and flirting to the left. Luckily there was Denis O’Hare that with its wonderful and iconic Liz Taylor kept the shack standing. Rating: three just for the quote: «If you cut me I’ll bleed Dior».

10. Apocalypse

One word for this season: help. The apocalypse has finally arrived and has leveled humanity to the ground, except for a few rich people playing Ten Little Indians in a bunker. Meanwhile on a Chernobylian surface dines the Antichrist, raised by Kathy Bates. If the child of the devil reminds you of something, read on.

9. Freakshows

Ahinoi the last season in which the divine plays Jessica Lang, who this season plays Elsa Mars, a woman with a tremendously dark and difficult past, now in charge of a freakshow. Aesthetics that wink at Tod Browning and American urban legends, to then conclude with a performance by Elsa on the notes, coincidentally, of Life On Mars? as he walks towards the avenue of the sunset. What else? Oh yes, Evan Peters which uses a deformation to be an ante litteram John Holmes Neil Patrick Harris that does… things.

8. Double Features

The tenth season, much talked about because it is divided into two parts – Red Tide and Death Valley. Vampires (my weak point) and aliens stand out on the posters in a fight to the death, but will the premises be true? I won’t go any further so as not to give spoilers to anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’m just saying that it’s almost in the middle of the standings because it’s saved thanks to the first part (the one with the vampires, of course).

7. Roanoke

Sixth place for the sixth season of American Horror Story, also divided into two parts, the first of which in the form of a documentary. Although many didn’t like it, I must say that I appreciated it, perhaps because I was still traumatized by the previous one Hotels. Colonial folklore and myths come back to life in the present and reveal the dark side of the United States that reminds us of such beloved films as The hills Have Eyes.

6. Coven

We are facing what is probably the most adolescent season of American Horror Storyas the events revolve around an all-female magic school where girls with unprecedented powers find refuge. Ryan Murphy takes full advantage of American history and stages an ancient struggle: that between white magic and black magic, voodoo. in the background, Seven Wonders sung by Stevie Nicks. I can only say: «Balenciaga!».

5. 1984

Probably no one would have entered the ninth season one step away from the podium, but what can I do? I love slashers and 1984, already from the title, is a tribute to this tradition of horror cinema. It all revolves around a campsite and a killer who remembers Jason Voorhees, skintight leggings and typical music of the period. But my heart was won when Will gives Montana the best compliment ever: “You’ll always be the 80s!”


Put in the same room Zodiacs, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Benjamin Roden and Marshall Applewhite and you’ll get the perfect season for a crime lover like me. The season of seven takes place just after the election of Trump and plays its full potential on jaw-dropping fears with the final plot twist.

3.American Horror Story: NYC

The brand new season brings back American Horror Story to its old glories and it doesn’t make us regret having watched trash for a long time (perhaps too much) with a few splashes of horror. The wait paid off with a season in which Ryan Murphy never like this time does it blur between real and horror, setting it in New York between the seventies and eighties, in which the LGBT community is threatened by two mysterious killers: a ruthless killer and AIDS. In the world that is gradually recovering from the two years of the pandemic, that of American Horror Story: NYC it will be a touching journey into what really scares us: prejudice and indifference.

2. Asylum

I know that now pitchforks and torches will be raised in the air, but yes: Asylum is in second place. One of the highest peaks of the whole series, takes place inside a mental hospital against which events related to homophobia and racial hatred are the backdrop. The good times when American Horror Story he could manage all the ingredients without making a hodgepodge.

1. Murder House

Here it is the gold medal: first position for the first season that gave birth to ad American Horror Story. I particularly loved how all the events revolve around a haunted house, managing all the flashbacks well and quoting many cult – albeit sad – episodes of American history. This is also the season in which the Antichrist is born that we find ourselves raised in Apocalypse. If you want to introduce someone to the horror universe of Ryan Murphyyou can’t not start, not even on purpose, from the beginning.

All seasons of “American Horror Story” from worst to best