Amelia Gray, the new it

“Wednesday’s child is full of woe”. The premiere of wednesday on Netflix made us turn to see an aesthetic that we had forgotten for many years: what goth. The internet killed the concept of the it-girl, but like vampires, this one she climbs out of her coffin to rock a goth chic look that we love. We tell you about this new wave of it girls very cool vampy, Amelia Gray, and how her style questions and breaks with the hegemony that we have praised and blindly followed for years.

When all the influencers start looking like a copy paste styles that we have seen for a while, a couple of pioneers come to remind us how interesting fashion and the scene of the underground with looks that make us question everything. In the end, if fashion is a reflection of what is current, it definitely has to reflect how dark these times are for our society. discolored eyebrows and overplucked As in the two thousand, clothes that reveal more, and obviously, a very, very dark look is what characterizes our new wave of favorite it-girls.

The Goth It-Girl

From Jenna Ortega leaving her Disney was six feet under the ground, to the blueprint from the Goth It Girls, gabbriette. The archetype of vampy-goth girls hits mainstream culture stronger than ever. With a man-eater aesthetic that puts feminine dark energy first and a very macabre look.

Its beginnings are confusing, but it dates back to the 80s approximately, and it is now favored by the popularity of TV series such as wednesday from Netflix. Also for the return to the scene of bands like My Chemical Romance and Blink182 with Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly. They leave color aside and opt for the punk/grunge scene with its rhythms and visual aesthetics.

With a dark look that terrifies many, they have become a sensation because they question the norm. Imagine that Y2K (rest in peace) merges with the goth subculture. When two spheres completely at opposite poles collide we get this result that has already become one of our favorite emerging trends. Its main exponents rock a pretty high fashion look, but the one who made us obsessed with the look was one of our favorite nepo-babies, Amelia Gray.

Who is Amelia Gray?

“I hate nepotism.”,-“it does make the world go around though”.

We have been hearing this term for weeks and we are tired of an industry that favors blood ties over talent, but from time to time we come across one or another exception that we fall in love with. Amelia Gray is completely the case. Daughter of Lisa Rinna, our favorite housewife from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsand actor Harry Hamlin (Mad Men).

Although in her beginnings she was like any average teenager from zipcode 09210, her entrance into the world of fashion caught her off guard and made her one of the coolest models alive. While everyone was commenting on how many shows Bella Hadid had walked in the past fashion month, I couldn’t help but wonder who this cool woman with studs on her face and almost non-existent eyebrows was.

Her personal style has put her in the eye of thousands of casting managers, because not only does she have a look that we have seen very little, but her walk on the catwalk is also one of the best we have seen in years (at least for a nepo baby!). From Balenciaga to Diesel, all the coolest brands are obsessed with it and so are we.

Amelia and her best runway looks

Ladies and gentle-themwe leave you with some of her coolest looks at Fashion Week, because you will definitely want to take note, both of her looks and of how she manages to do something that few, serve face! Although he’s only been on the radar for a couple of seasons, it’s clear to us that this is just the beginning and we can’t wait to see what other shows he’ll surprise us with.

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