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Elektra Natchiosthe Greek-born assassin created by Frank Millerfinds its place alongside characters such as Wolverine, Deadpool or carnage in the anthological collection of Black, White and Bloodwhich sees her interpreted by a series of different illustrious writers and illustrators in a collection of short stories created with the sole aid of black and white and the color of blood, red.

It will be for the editorial life more contained and dependent on other characters – Elektra has had only short periods as owner of newspapers or miniseries in addition to her roles within the titles of other characters, especially Devil – but compared to the previous volumes of this initiative , it is immediately clear how reading appears more independent and autonomous. Of course, here too there are stories that connect to specific episodes of the character’s editorial history, but they are rarer and less binding connections for a neophyte reader to understand.
It is no coincidence that some stories also take the character of the ninja armed with sai into unexplored or hypothetical territories.

As happens, for example, in the story written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Mark Bagley with a cut from the classic comic book of the 90s, Red Dawnwhere we see her facing off against vampires. Leonard Romero writes and draws Not the devila short story of mafia and revenge whose graphic style brings to mind the David Mazzucchelli of the time of the Devil. Declan Shalvey And Simone D’Armini instead they project the assassin into a story with a mythological flavor and angular features The Crimson Pathwhile with Double Edged, Peter David and the photorealist Greg Land tell us a brief history of salvation with Wolverine in the guise of one eye as a guest star. Al Ewing And Rod Reis create one of the most interesting stories in the collection, Veritwhere ours is a disturbing specter that disrupts the lives of two policemen, whom we follow in a rigid cage dominated by screens and camera footage. Greg Smallwood brings Elektra to Japan with Yokai, a silent story where a realistic and extremely expressive pencil stroke and a dynamic and immersive storytelling dominate. In Evasionthe veteran Ann Nocenti with Federico Sabbatiniwith a style that winks at the manga, takes us to the episode most closely linked to continuity, making the protagonist interact with a character created in the classic stories by Nocenti himself: Typhoid Mary. Paul Azaceta writes and draws With passiona story dominated by details and close-ups in which the woman confronts her passion for the red devil. Favorite Weapons from David Pepose And Danilo Beyruth lead us to witness an unprecedented clash between Elektra and the Widow – indeed, the Widows – Blackwhile Powers that you can’t understand allows a Matthew Rosenberg And Alberto Alburquerque to compare it even with the Ghost Rider, in a less obvious story than expected. The Japanese author takes us back to Japan Peach Momokowhich in Murder creates a story in which Elektra becomes the protagonist of an oriental feudal tale, in a sort of teaser of the project Demon Daysin which the author rereads the universe Marvel through Japanese fairy tales.
2022.02.12-04.12-boundingintocomics-6207339d48fe9-e1644639238323To close the register is Appointmentwhich is a bizarre hybrid: it’s not a real story, but an adaptation of a poem about the death of the American poet Peter Seeger. To make it happen Kevin Eastman And Freddie E. Williams III. Eastman owes more than a debt to the protagonist of the story: he is in fact one of the two creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleswhose main source of inspiration was the Devil cycle in which Frank Miller created Elektra. Not surprisingly, the clan of ninja opponents of the Turtles is the Foot clan, while the one of which the assassin in red is a member is the Hand.

The volume is accompanied by a gallery of original covers and variants, where, alongside some of the designers of the stories, prominent authors such as Bill Sienkiewicz. Adam Hughes, John Romita Jr. or Mirka Andolfo.

Although, as we have said, for now this is the most usable album even by readers less inserted in the historical continuity of Marvel, the project Black, White and Blood continues to prove itself interesting but not bravelosing the opportunity to dare and experiment more, both on the character and in terms of approach to the comic story – among other things, it would have been interesting on this occasion, rather than seeing him on a trivial cover, to find Sienkiewicz at work on an episode, given the specific weight it had on the world of comics also thanks to the monumental Elektra Assassin made together with Frank Miller.

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Elektra Black, White and Blood
Panini Comics, 2022
136 pages, paperback, colors – €24.00
ISBN: 9788828718819

An anthology in black, white and red for Elektra – Lo Spazio Bianco