Analysis Evil West, a very entertaining vampire western

2022 is giving its last throes as it follows us leaving with a bunch of video games who want to conquer our gaming hearts, offering us all kinds of experiences, from narrative titles like penance up hack & slash spikes like God of War: Ragnark.

Today, in Vandal, we are going to talk about evil westthe Last work of Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior 3, Trek to Yomi) that offers us a very particular video game with a somewhat unusual theme combination that works quite well and that, despite the fact that it is not going to revolutionize the history of the video game, what it is going to do is make us have a good time grabbing the controller and destroying vampires, undead and humans everywhere.

Evil West: West and Vampires

At the narrative level evil west combine one setting in the Wild West during the 19th century with a theme of vampiressomething that we don’t usually see too often in the world of video games and that, honestly, hits quite well, deviating a bit from the norm and capturing the player’s interest from the first minute.

The setting is very particular and successful, while the story complies well, although sometimes it is told in a somewhat hasty manner.

Moving on to history, as you can imagine we are going to embody a vampire hunter called Jesse Rentier (who, by the way, the one who writes to you gives an air of Arthur Morgan) who belongs to a top-secret institution that is not going through its best moment and has to face a great threat to humanity in a story that is fulfilling and that it is giving us the perfect excuse to go shooting around left and right but that, sometimes, it is told in a somewhat hasty way or abrupt, being necessary to read the documents that we find along the way if we really want to soak up the world of evil west which is more interesting and deep than it may seem at first.

A God of War in the West and with vampires

at playable level evil westfrom the outset, it will remind many of you god of war not only for betting on a formula hack & slash full of arenas in which to face our enemies using brute force and some weapons, but also in some gestures and animations of the protagonist that seem to pay tribute to the PlayStation exclusive such as, for example, the way in which Jesse destroys some chests with his fist that is practically identical to that of Kratos.

Getting to the heart of the matter, as you can imagine The most important thing in Evil West is combat and here Jessie’s main instrument in defeating vampires and other creatures is the Rentier Gauntleta powerful melee weapon that allows us to destroy our enemies with a punch combining brute force with technology, since it has several electrical powers to fry our opponents or to allow us to rush towards them or parry their blows.

In addition, we also have other weapons at our disposal like a revolver, a rifle, a shotgun or a flamethrower that allow us to expand our attack possibilities, all with their own skill trees and improvements that could not fail in a 2022 game and that allow us to customize the combat experience a bit to our needs.

All the mech
All the combat mechanics are very satisfactory, although the aiming aid can be a bit excessive.

Something we really liked about evil west is that He is continuously proposing to us, especially during the first levels, new weapons or ways to annihilate “bugs” avoiding falling into monotony and making bursting those Sangisurges very fun and that, together with the customization of weapons or abilities that we have just told you about, has kept us in control during the around 12 hours that the game lastsa perfect duration for what it offers and to avoid falling into monotony.

Furthermore, in general the combat mechanics are quite successfulit is very satisfying to break the heads of the monsters and in the arenas we also find all kinds of objects to help us with this task (such as exploding boxes or other lethal objects) although perhaps We feel Jesse a bit heavy in certain movements and the aiming aid If you are going to play with a controller, it is for us a bit exaggerated. Also, another thing that we can attribute to the game is that some creatures could have a slightly different appearance to better differentiate them from each other, beyond being different variants sometimes cut from the same pattern.

In 2022 I can't
In 2022, a tree of abilities or powers could not be missing to adapt the weapons to our style of play.

On the other hand, another point that must be highlighted evil west is that we can play it from start to finish with a friend in cooperative mode with all the extra fun that comes with having an ally by our side to live adventures and destroy enemies.

A game that enters very well through the eyes

At a technical level evil west is a title that does not have a hard time convincing us that it is visually goodeffects, or textures, especially when there is good lighting in the scenes, in bright or daytime areas where it can show off its full potential while, in darker areas, the choice of lighting, brightness or reddish tones make the title not look as sharp as it really is, while some animations are limping and a bit crude, especially those that are related to elements of the scenarios, for example, seeing a chain that we need to ascend fall, adorned with an animation at a rate of images per second that is significantly reduced.

at level t
On a technical level, the game is very pleasing to the eye, although sometimes the lighting harms it.

if we talk about performance here We have not encountered any major problem or bug on PC, offering us in our team with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080we have been able to play 144FPS very stable at 1440p to take advantage of the 144 Hz of our monitor, a figure that also reached 4K, although with a little more dancing between 120/144 images per second, all with peak graphics mode and DLSS activated in quality mode.

On the other hand, in the sound section we are facing a compliant gamewith a good dubbing in English and texts in Spanish (although sometimes the subtitles have failed us, something that we hope will be fixed in the pre-launch patch), in addition to having agile and very short loading times, at least with an NVMe SSD .


evil west It is a title that does not seem to have a claim beyond that of entertaining and making us have a good time and, in fact, it does not need anything more. because he gets what he wants during about his 12 hours of duration in which we have had a great time distributing tow to vampires, humans and all kinds of beings, either with a gauntlet or using other weapons such as a revolver, a shotgun, a flamethrower

Evil West is a game that meets what it is looking for, making us spend a very pleasant time destroying hordes of Sangisurge.
Evil West is a game that meets what it is looking for, making us spend a very pleasant time destroying hordes of Sangisurge.

The setting of the Wild West seasoned with vampires and their tribute in certain things to god of war they fit the title like a glovealthough it is also irregular in other aspects such as some animations, the design of some levels or questionable lighting choices, although none of this has prevented us from passing a few very pleasant hours with a simple game, not very long and effective in what he does. I wish we could find more proposals like this nowadays, in which many do not seem to realize that sometimes less is more.

We have carried out this analysis in its PC version thanks to a code provided by Plaion.

Analysis Evil West, a very entertaining vampire western