Bao Publishing presents FORTRESS 6

Completes with this volume, entirely drawn by the superstar of French comics Manu Larcenet, the complete collection of the masterpiece saga of Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim on the fortress infested with monsters and full of treasures. The series will pick up in the future with chapters released starting in 2019.

The complete series for the first time in Italy.

BAO Publishing is pleased to announce the sixth volume of the complete collection of the famous French saga created by Joann Sfar And Lewis Trondheim: The fortress.

The Adventures of The fortress are unique in the world: a humorous fantasy that moves its narrative arcs on different temporal planes, with monsters of all kinds and a brilliant and irreverent writing, created together with some of the most famous designers on the French scene. A complex, profound and at the same time funny narrative universe, a classic of modern comics surprising and beloved by its readers.

In this sixth volume they take turns humorous stories from the time of the first volume, Zenith, starring Herbert and Marvin, a duck and a dragon. A castle that has decided to copy the economic model of the unique and inimitable Fortress, a magic lamp which has only one wish left to fulfil, an invasion of toads that triggers panic among the Guardian’s vampires, a bizarre mission entrusted to Grogro, the most iconic and unlikely of the Fortress Monsters.

Thus it is accomplished the BAO collection of all de stories The fortressfrom 1998 to 2014 in six substantial volumes in allto which the new chapters that began to come out in 2019 beyond the Alps will be added in the future.

The Fortress vol.6 is available in bookstores from December 16, 2022

Joann Sfar (1971) is a comic book author, novelist, director. Always a prolific author, in about ten years he has signed almost one hundred books, as well as directing a film on the life of Serge Gainsbourg and working on the animated adaptation of one of his most famous works. The Rabbi’s Cat. Son of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, by definition “Berber Jew”, he was often influenced by Jewish folk tales in the creation of his works. In 2012 BAO Publishing publishes Chagall in Russia, initially published in France by Gallimard. In 2019, again for BAO Publishing, the integral publication plan of the famous series of which Sfar is co-creator together with Lewis Trondheim, begins. The fortress.

Lewis Trondheim (1964) is a famous French cartoonist. In 1990, together with other exponents of comics from beyond the Alps, he founded the group “L’Association”, destined to revolutionize the Ninth Art in France. From 1991 he began collaborating with the “Nawak” laboratory, thanks to which he works with numerous authors. Prolific and versatile, he is capable of dealing with different genres without ever losing his own stylistic signature. In 2005 he was named “Chevalier des Arts et Letteres” and, in 2006, he was awarded the “Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême”. In 1997, paired with Joann Sfar, he created a series destined to make history: The fortressbrought to Italy for the first time in full version by BAO Publishing in 2019.

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Bao Publishing presents FORTRESS 6