Beauty trends 2023: “gothic

THEL gothic chic forcefully returns to the world of beauty and fashion, with a revival of dark aesthetics: for theautumn-winter 2022/23 the warm colors of foliage and earth, typical of the season, give way to dark and intense nuances that veer from burgundy to purple and even black.

Beauty trends 2023: the return of the “gothic-chic”

It is therefore black, in all its nuances, that wins the main act for next winter. Glossy, vinyl but also opaque, this color will dictate the beauty trends of early 2023. From Chanel to Versace, even fashion has turned to the “dark side”, with make up on the catwalk that recall the aesthetics of the early 2000s and cult like Buffy the Vampire Slayer And Spells and Enchantments.

Today, this trend carries over in vogue not only the dark lips but also perfectly smooth hair, short bangs and evanescent complexions.

Doja Cat, Vittoria Cerretti and Bella Hadid show off three versions of the “gothic chic” beauty trend (Credits: GettyImages)

Gothic lip makeup: black admits no mistakes

Although it was already very popular in 2018, today the black or extremely dark lipstick returns, hyper-versatile on all complexions. Pure, elegant, rigorous and sensual, stands as the antithesis of nude and light beauty looks which have been trending so far. Allowing the wearer to express their personality in a completely unconventional way.

The dark lips though they do not allow for errors, they must be designed to perfection. How to do? The first tip is to perform a delicate lip scrub to remove all the cuticles. Later it will be necessary draw the outline of the lips with a black pencil and fill in the inside. Only at this point will it be possible apply lipstickin your favorite texture, glossy or matte.

Twilight Skin: wet and luminescent complexion

There Vampire Skins or Twilight Skinsluminescent and slightly beaded, is already a trend on social media, so much so that it has generated over 1.5 million views on TikTok.

This new one technical beauty perfectly embodies the “gothic chic” trend because it combines a vampire charm with the glamor of high fashion, with the result of a brand new make-up bordering on fantasy.

Hair: straight and with short bangs

Not just make up, this one beauty trend 2023 also explore the world of hairstyles, with the return of smooth lead-effect hair.

Long hair: beautiful and healthy in 5 steps

Between hair trends dark nuances are also making a comeback for next winter, from chocolate brown to midnight blue. Finally, great return also of baby bangs – the very short and geometric bangs – perfect both on long hair and on bobs.

And that’s how the goth trend creates a magnetic effect which communicates refinement and avant-garde, changing the make-up rules and allowing everyone to bring out their own dark side.


Beauty trends 2023: “gothic-chic” for dark-style make-up and hair – iO Donna