Bloody Hell Hotel: a management system in a bloodthirsty hotel

Hospitality is the fundamental characteristic of every self-respecting hotelier: the customer must feel pampered when he is in the structure that welcomes him, each service is designed to satisfy his wishes and make his stay as pleasant as possible. Kindness, availability and patience are indispensable when working closely with the public … but everything turns out to be much more difficult than normal when you are a vampire hungry and the clientele is, by sheer coincidence, even your favorite meal. Juggling between hospitality and extermination is the mission that Unfold Games wants to entrust to players with the new Bloody Hell Hotel, a work that ranges between different genres to create a unique and intriguing experience.

Sleep and ruin

The protagonist of the title is one of the creatures of the night, a vampire with terrifying power and owner of a luxurious mansion but, following a coma that lasted centuries, once he emerges from his icy crypt he discovers that the possession has fallen into ruin. Bad weather and neglect have damaged the manormaking him a filthy rat-infested shack, but time has not emptied his cursed body of the once grandiose powers, thanks to which he could cherish the hope of a return to the unforgettable glories.

The vampire has nothing but his home and will therefore be forced to exploit it to obtain the resources necessary for his sensational return, transforming the villa into a hotel where to host succulent humans eager for a place to sleep and relax, unaware of the terrifying nature that lies behind the hospitable smile of their landlord.

Supernatural management

Bloody Hell Hotel is configured on a superficial level as a management system that develops through a first-person camera, closely following the renovation enterprises implemented by the vampire while he is forced not only to renovate a mansion that has fallen into disrepair, but also to decorate it to make it attractive to its customers.

Repair interventions do not require professionals when you can rely on your telekinetic abilities, so every strenuous task becomes a no brainer and it is possible to allow the first, fearful customers to animate the silent home. The immortal hotelier is called upon to renovate his rooms with quality furnishings, choosing the arrangement and orientation of the furniture to create welcoming rooms and obtain the favors of guests, also offering over time new services such as catering. A vampire noble certainly can’t go to the supermarket to get food, for this it will be possible to milk the undead cow, collect the eggs of the zombie hens and cook the mushrooms to be plucked around the property, while a delightful little garden grows calmly in the soft light of the night. However, the hungriest customers will also expect some meat-based dishes, and it will be our care to satisfy them fully but, just like when you are invited to dinner by the good Hannibal Lecter, it is better not to ask about the origin of the raw material to avoid nasty surprises.

The guests of the hotel, in fact, are not only paying customers, but also juicy bags of blood for a protagonist who must necessarily satisfy his appetites. We will then be able to make our way into the rooms of the patrons to sink the canines into their jugular and temporarily quench our thirst, but lose the payment for a check-out canceled by force.

Humans will not be equivalent to each other, and we are not only talking about physical characteristics but also about personal traits: an individual suffering from insomnia will in fact be perfectly awake as we wander through the corridors in search of victims, while the disappearance of a noble will not go unnoticed and could lead to unwanted cumbersome searches. Once our appetites have been quenched, however, it would be a real shame to waste so much good meat, and here the tragic death of one person can turn into a tasty meal for another thanks to the skilful use of the hotel’s kitchen.

Let off steam in the basement

The resources needed for the decadent mansion to become a luxury hotel do not come from the vampire’s treasure room, but from the boundless dungeons found on the lower floors of the building.

Exploring these dungeons adds to Bloody Hell Hotel the action shades of a white weapon fighting game, in which the player is called upon to destroy undead enemies to obtain the raw materials necessary for the development of new furnishings and services. Usable weapons can be created from scratch through the workshop located below the atrium, as long as you have the necessary tools and basic elements to start from, while the daily management of the hotel is carried out by the vampire addicts who will become available over time. The addition of fast and immediate combat in the basement contrasts with the staid rhythm of the management component linked to the upper floors, guaranteeing that curious mixture of genres seen just recently in Cult of the Lamb (do not miss our review of Cult of the Lamb), proof of the fact that the experience wants to move away from the usual styles to create a playful formula that knows how to surprise users.

This curious mix of genres moves on a cartoon aesthetic frame, very close to the features of Tim Burton’s animation, with soft and thin contour lines that accompany pale, almost cemetery shades, to create a glance. definitely adequate to the horror comedy tones pursued by the title.

According to the statements of the game’s authors, unlike other management systems where the experience is concentrated in a single game that lasts tens of hours (if you want something of this type, we refer you to our Two Point Campus review), Bloody Hell Hotel is instead built to be replayed several times by making different choicesperhaps impersonating the perfect host or a hungry beast without any mercy, because any type of development is viable since there is no focus on the narrative.

If the cards to surprise and entertain do not seem to be lacking in the new title of Unfold Games, unfortunately Bloody Hell Hotel doesn’t have a possible launch date yetbut we know that the vampire hotelier will wake up first on PC and later resurrect on home consoles.

Bloody Hell Hotel: a management system in a bloodthirsty hotel