Books for the children of the home

Ecuador does read, and its main readers are kids Y teenagers. This is established by the first Survey of Reading Habits, Practices and Cultural Consumption in the country, carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage together with the Ecuadorian Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC).

Nearly 100 writers will participate in the Quito 2022 International Book Fair

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According to the data in this document, 93.3% of children between the ages of 5 and 11 and 98.8% of adolescents and young people between the ages of 12 and 17 they read daily, and only 50% of this reading happens at school. In other words, of all the students surveyed, half of them also read at home and do so for pleasure.

Therefore, it is not surprising that large bookstores in the country dedicate entire sections to the youngest in the house, or that digital novels on platforms like Wattpad are so popular among children.

“In these times of rapid change in which knowledge ages rapidly, it is essential to have a reading habit that guarantees us to have fresh knowledge. Having a fluent reading comprehension, having a reading habit, nowadays, is something more than having a praiseworthy pastime… it is guaranteeing the future of the generations that are currently being trained in the classroom,” explains Isabel Solé, a specialized Spanish educator. in promoting reading.

But what works guarantee the interest of the youngest?

Well, in this edition of EXPRESO we offer you some options.

At Mr. Books, his list of best sellers continually includes ‘Compas vs. Hackers’, a comic series of adventures in which a group of friends confront evil using the technology.

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Spaces that ‘treasure’ part of the identity

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This year the work, published by several authors, reached its seventh installment in the saga.

Likewise, Librería Española points out among its bestsellers for children ‘Los diarios de Ada’, by Catalina Donoso. The construction site It is an open door to the simple stories in a girl’s life, to all the important little things, like her friends, her pet, school and family life.

Added to these works is ‘Boys and Girls Who Made History’, a work that narrates an entertaining journey through time in which he rescues the lives of some children who made history. Since Tutankhamun, who was pharaoh in the Ancient Egypt at only eight years old and achieved worldwide fame when his tomb was discovered a century ago now, to Juan de Arco, who at only fourteen years old helped liberate Orleans from the English siege.

Meanwhile, for the teenagersthe arc of reading interest seems to fluctuate between romance and fantasy.

Since 2021, the Mexican writer Flor M. Salvador has continuously filled the interest of young people with the ‘Boulevard’ saga, which began in the Web.

“I am a fan of the bands One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. I started writing ‘Boulevard’ as a fanfiction the last mentioned band, being one of its members, Luke Hemmings, as one of its protagonists of the history”, pointed out the author.

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A breath for the Autonomous Bookstore

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Romance and adventure are essential ingredients in these stories. On the other hand the terror polarizes ‘Disturbing stories based on real life’, by youtuber Luisito Comunica, which has also captivated the public’s attention.

Finally there is ‘The secrets of the vampires’, Julie Legere and Elsa White, who compile the appearance of these enigmatic beings from the folklore of Japan, Mexico or Ghana, going through the evolution of the myth towards the medieval gaze, terrified by the curse of epidemics.

Books for the children of the home