Catrinas Masks

Barcelona (EFE).- The Mexican masks that imitate a skull decorated in a thousand ways, the so-called “catrinas”, are one of the most requested costumes this year for Halloween in Barcelona, ​​a city whose streets will be filled again in celebration of this Party imported from the United States after the end of covid restrictions.

Originally the “Catrina” is an illustration that the Mexican author José Guadalupe Posada created at the beginning of the 20th century, which over time has become an icon of All Souls’ Night in Mexico and is reproduced both in mask and with makeup imitating to a skull

Owners of several stores consulted by EFE confirm the increase in these previous days in the demand for costumes, especially “those that scare the most.”

The importation of this North American celebration has taken root in Barcelona in such a way that numerous shops have decorated their windows with pumpkins, vampires, witches, skulls and all kinds of elements that refer to death.

“Even some boys and girls have resumed the illusion of ‘trick or treating’ to go from door to door to ask for candy,” explains Iris, a shop assistant at the “Woncandy Shop”, a store set in the film, to EFE. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory», where she sells, disguised as Willy Wonka for Halloween, candies and chocolates.


In the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​in the center of the city are the Galerías Maldà, where several shops dedicated to ‘geekism’ are located, decorated in the style of the Day of the Dead of Mexicoand that this year they have noticed a greater influx of customers and onlookers.

In these stores, the most requested costumes and items are those from sagas such as “Game of Thrones”, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars”, and others demanded by fans of ‘anime’ and ‘otaku’ culture, for dress up as pokemon or naruto

“This Halloween we have decided to dress up, we do a bit of a show and on Friday afternoons we have live music from some mariachis,” one of the employees of the “Carreró Maldagó” store, specializing in the theme of the “Harry” saga, told EFE. Potter».


One of the most requested costumes is Harley Quinn for girls and Mike Myers from the recently released movie “Halloween” for boys.

Of course, the most classic ones are always repeated: “vampiress, vampires and werewolves, and a lot of latex is being sold too,” says one of the shop assistants at the “Carnavalife” costume shop.

In these specialized stores they have seen that, although they continue to sell women’s and men’s costumes, they are beginning to include more and more unisex outfits, “so people dress up more freely, still maintaining the tradition that you have to be scary, very scared,” they say.

Carlos Fernández, owner of “Welcome Fiestas” assures that the costumes with the most demand in his store are “all kinds of zombies, which can be any torn and bloody costume; devilish clowns, as a result of the movie ‘IT’ or the colorful makeup of ‘catrinas’”.

Fernández admits that “there are more and more people who choose to make their own costumes at home” and comments that this year there has been controversy with the famous character from the hit Netflix series “Jefrey Dahmer”, in which the history of the famous serial killer, and have been withdrawn from some stores due to their negative connotation.

In any case, any zombie makeup, “catrina”, witch, vampire, werewolf, clown, nun… everything serves to celebrate the first unrestricted Halloween in two years in Barcelona. EFE

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