Christmas dream with Magic the Gathering: here is the perfect gift guide

Christmas is now less than two weeks away, so even the last latecomers will have to hurry up and buy some presents. If you want to impress a card game enthusiast, then you can’t get lost the Magic the Gathering gift guide. Many perfect products for both beginners and seasoned players, to hit the mark who loves this world.

For those who want to learn to play, two sets are available. The 2022 starter kit includes two ready-to-use decks (each with 5 rare cards, one of which is foil) and codes to play online with a friend on MTG Arena. The interactive online tutorial and the included Game Guide booklet contain the basis for immersing yourself in an ever new exciting and strategic game.

Savor Magic’s rich and diverse Multiverse: from a 1920s-inspired world run by powerful crime families to a neon-lit cyberpunk future to a gothic horror plane filled with vampires and werewolves. Both decks contain cards from multiple Magic sets. Between these Streets of New Cape, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and the two sets of Innistrad.

Introductory Commander Decks instead, it’s the perfect introduction to Magic’s most popular format. Join your friends in epic multiplayer battles with a ready-to-play MTG deck. For newcomers who want to start playing Commander and experienced Magic players who want to try this format. The Commander game format consists of three to five players. 120 minutes are required for each match.

The review ends with two other products for beginners. The new set Jumpstart 2022, which we recently told you aboutallows you to mix two random packs and play. Game Night Free For All brings together all the excitement of an unstoppable magical competition and packs it into one package. Choose one of five different decks, each with their own personality, and battle against friends and family. The intense battles can be one-on-one duels or multiplayer clashes.

If you have to give a gift to an expert player, the new set The War of the Brothers suits you. If you aim for a simple thought, you can choose Draft Boosters or Set Boosters from this set full of amazing artifacts (and more). If, on the other hand, you want to impress a collector, you can aim for the Collector’s Boosters, containing the best cards in the set and lots of foil.

To best celebrate The Brothers’ War, Wizards then launched a Deluxe Bundle. It is a product full of exclusive accessories and cards that will transport fans back in time to their favorite styles and storytelling from 90s Magic. In addition to the usual amenities of the Bundles, the Gift Bundle contains a 15-card Collector Boosterincluding cards with special treatments, 10-11 shiny foil cards, and a total of 6 cards of rare or higher rarity.

We close our gift list by returning to the Commander format. Travel back in time with a whole deck of retro border cards. Each card in the Brothers’ War Commander decks it is old style. Tons of historical artifacts could save the future of the Multiverse. Witness history in the making, with battle strategies spearheaded by the legendary brothers themselves.

Urza and the Iron Alliance is a White-Blue-Black deck. Wield the power of master craftsman Urza and build an unbeatable army of artifact creatures. Upgrade your forces with spells that enhance artifacts and slowly but surely take over the game. Mishra and the Burnished Banner is instead a Blue-Black-Red deck. Summon Mishra and wring out every drop of value from your disposable artifacts. Copy sacrifice cards for a huge advantage and win the war with one of your colossal creatures.

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