Chronicle of Bárbara Black + Lex Lüger + EÔN in Madrid: Noaptea Vampirilor

Barbara Black

The Nazca room in Madrid was preparing on the night of September 16 for a discharge in which heavy metal and rock were covered in darkness so that the vampires became masters and lords of the premises.

The first to go on stage were EON, who showed up with a new drummer at this stage where we also have a new frontman in the band. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy the entire concert, but the songs I got to see left me with a very good taste in my mouth, a taste of good metal, specifically. An energetic group in which the new member has integrated perfectly.


the vampire duo Lex Luger, was presented in an original way, sporting fangs. A different concert awaited us. BloodyLycia showed off her prowess on bass, and Lex on guitar and vocals, too bad the rest of the music sounded like it was fired through a computer, but we still had a lot of fun.

“Cistine” was in charge of introducing us to the setlist of ten songs that this couple of vampires had prepared, among which “Nocturnal Aviator” and “Carrie” stood out, which undoubtedly made their audience enjoy, whom they baptize as “hidden youth” They surprised with a Spanish version of the popular “Flashdance” soundtrack, “Maniac” by Michaele Sembello, which curiously was inspired by the horror movie of the same name, whose lyrics were modified to fit the story of the tape.

Lex Luger

At this point, little introduction needs already Barbara Black, this metal group to which Bárbara gives voice and name. Unstoppable, apart from having played in different cities of the country, they have also been playing in Greece, the Czech Republic… without a doubt, hard work always pays off and these people from Madrid are proving it.

Nitro (Barbara Black)

Barbara Black

Always thanking the press, and their public, they made our job easier for the former, since on this occasion they gave us a small clipping with the setlist that they would perform that night, and also with the explanation of the songs “Vapire Love I : You Belong To Me” and “Vampire Love II: Queen of Flies”, which tell the story of a vampire and his victim, who wake up in a London cemetery, perceiving their senses for the first time, in addition , are a message against gender violence. Both were staged with Luis Brato incarnated as the vampire.

On this occasion they had the collaboration of Juanma Viñas and Dani Moreno on guitars, who seemed comfortable blending perfectly with Bárbara, Nitro and Dani, who were already reaching the final stretch of the presentation of their latest work, ‘Love, Death and Flies’.

Dani Márquez began to exude energy from the first song, “Damnified”, to the last. “No Bullets” or “Stardust” made us enjoy Nitro’s skill with the drums, which must be added to Bárbara’s vocal skill, all of which makes them one of the groups from which you can most enjoy their straight.

“Kissed By Flames”, with the collaboration of Diego de Rayz in charge of the guttural voices, was the most powerful moment of the evening. There were also songs from his previous work, released in 2017, ‘Ad Libitum’, as was the case with “Gosh” and “Southern Soul”.

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Chronicle of Bárbara Black + Lex Lüger + EÔN in Madrid: Noaptea Vampirilor –