Clan of Xymox at the Flying Circus, the children of the night spread their wings and started dancing #WARPGigs

// By: Oscar Adame

Sat 10 September, 2022

Text: Joy Rubio »Rodolfo»

Photographs: Creepy In Wonderland

The legendary Dutch darkwave and synthpop band, Clan of Xymox, returned to Mexico, opening their tour of the country at the legendary Circo Volador, cathedral of the capital’s gothic and underground scene.

The night began with a catwalk of outfits, hair, makeup and inventions led by the best ambassadors of the gothic and punk scene in Mexico City, because yes, as in every concert, the children of the night put their spirits very high. aesthetics of an urban culture that has more than 30 years of history in the monster city.

The first band to play was the emerging project of the filmmaker and musician, Hari Sama, Noble Savage, who warmed up Circo Volador with its dark sound influenced by the characteristic beat dark wave of the 80s, dancer, recognizable and pleasant, a project that if They haven’t bumped into each other yet, it’s the perfect time to be surprised by this musical discovery.

After Noble Savage, there was the anxiety to see the vampires for whom we had gathered that night to pay tribute, but instead, it was the German EBM+industrial duo, Die Selektion, who surprised with their unusual combination of trumpets and synthesizers. . From the first song it was clear to me that the musical discovery of the year (within the genre) was in front of me, and although they did not find the EBM thread, their proposal refreshes a scene that often sounds the same.

Die Selektion paved the way for the children of the night to take flight, spread our wings and fly alongside Jasmine, Michelle, Louise and all the other muses immortalized in the Clan’s 20+ year career.

The time finally came, and although I missed the first song due to being in an endless queue for some water, I was able to hear the unforgettable Strangers intro announcing that the wait was over.

The rest of the concert was marked by unsurpassed acoustics, the Circo Volador raffled off the sound, lighting, security, access, cleanliness of the venue, everything was perfect, each of the bands started and finished on time, the concert organizers demonstrated a professionalism that is often difficult to find in independent events, something always happens.

But this time everything was simply perfect, the 80’s revived and tribute was paid to them in the hands of one of the bands that built their characteristic sound, synthesizers, guitars, keyboards and lyrics that talk about the unbearable tragedy of love that ends .

Clan of Xymox is a band of nostalgia, ambassadors of a time that gave birth to the aesthetics that forges our culture today, futurism looks faded in the face of all the artistic wealth that the 80s gave to humanity today, and it is For this reason, their bands continue to pack concerts, close festivals, drawing the attention of new audiences, because it is impossible for us to deny that many of these groups sound like the newest of today.

Clan of Xymox is a celebration of the diversity of life, a melodic cry that evokes the rebellion of being oneself against the current despite the years, and for that, I can only say: THANK YOU.

Clan of Xymox at the Flying Circus, the children of the night spread their wings and started dancing #WARPGigs