Combined for New Year’s Eve

If you think about it, it may be that leaving everything to the last minute has become a way of life. It is clear that not for everyone, there are always organized ones, but surely they know someone who fits the profile. Someone who, no matter how hard they try to manage their time and act differently, can’t.

Perhaps because, in a way, he also enjoys feeling that time is upon him. Either way, the truth is that New Years Eve It is and will be December 31. And that today, at 29, there is still room to decide the star outfit for the last night of the year. It is a trend that is well known in the most representative shops on these dates. Eregui, La Golosina, La Máscara… As many examples as there are opportunities to become what you want most. And the same goes for a princess by surprise that goblins, Vikings or vampires.

Perhaps for this reason, this year, the maelstrom suggests that the costumes seen on the streets of Pamplona will be precisely that: a totum revolutum in which, for the moment, no specific theme stands out. indians, Cowboys, pirates, chefs, wizards… the list is limited to almost the same inclinations in both directions. Of course, those who are on the other side of the counter stand out, with such a number of nuances that they have nothing to do with each other. “We have more than ten different pirate models for sale, which also vary depending on the accessory you decide to fit,” explains Sonia Barcos, manager of La Golosina.

And even though they are aware that people haven’t gotten their act together yet, they compare it to the latest purchases on Christmas Eve or the Three Wise Men. “There is always something missing in the hours before, it is a constant,” they say. And they add that even on the same day as the proceedings, the morning of the 31st itself, it will be crazy. “The same thing always happens”, they joke in the shops, which, on the other hand, are grateful to be able to see “the light” again after two years in the shadows.


That is why they trust that the desire to go out, to encourage a family dinner and that innate joy to celebrate all the good things that this new 2023 will surely bring us is the hook they need.. “We have been in this store for 51 years and we already have more than 450 adult models, so there are options”, cheer from La Golosina. In La Máscara, they assess the sales movement as ‘similar’ to other years. “Animals, Indians… anything seems to come in handy for this New Year’s Eve”, they understand from Abejeras street.

An inclination that has not yet been strongly felt in Eregui (Villava). “People have come, but not many, really,” they admit. With no apparent predisposition in terms of costume models or trends, from this store located in the Landazábal industrial estate they know that waiting is their best ally. “This is a last minute thing”.

The power of netflix

Just like other years, El Juego del Squid or La Casa de Papel drew a clear trend in terms of the tastes of the vast majority, this year, the exception confirms the rule. And it is that, perhaps the costumes related to Wednesday (mythical girl with pale skin and long dark braids from the Addams family and who now stars in a series on the popular television platform) can be surpassing the rest. “But little”, they admit from the most common stores. It is clear that, in terms of tastes, there is nothing written.

to be and not to be

a A night in which the licenses are more than allowed. With respect, understand. Becoming what has always caught your attention is perfectly possible, especially when the purpose is none other than to once again share joy with friends or family dinners. When dressing up seems like a child’s thing, New Year’s Eve once again shows that the desire to dream and toast the surprises that are yet to come are well worth a parenthesis. Freedom under a cowboy hat.

Noelia Gorbea

Combined for New Year’s Eve