Corona Capital 2022: My Chemical Romance mocked ‘Twilight’ and Robert Pattinson

‘Twilight’ returned to theaters, but not everyone is a fan of Robert Pattinson’s film, as the Corona Capital 2022 headliner band declared that it was no joke that they let their music be used for the famous vampire saga.

The Corona Capital Festival stood out with its poster for the twelfth edition; not only lasts three days, but they brought High level acts like Arctic Monkeys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Paramore and even made possible the visit of My Chemical Romance (MCR) to our country. Around 2006, the band led by Gerard Way imposed the gothic and the punk, but in no way identified with Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke when it was released two years later.

With their album The Black Parade, Way and company adopted a vamp look for the purpose of polarizing and irritating others. At the height of emo music, the writer of The Umbrella Academy ensures that were contacted numerous times to approve one of their songs appearing on the soundtrack of new Moonto which they flatly refused.

We are very picky. There were some movies we didn’t agree to write a song for because we didn’t fit. I guess a lot of people would say we’re ideal for a vampire movie, but I don’t agree.

Although the band originally from New Jersey has participated in movie soundtracks like Watchman Y immediate deliveryanother of the reasons why they decided not to participate in the film directed by Chris Weitz, was that none of the members had even read one of the books in the saga Written by Stephanie Meyer.


MCR had already forgotten his style of The Black Parade

I think it’s the new sensation of the boys who read ‘Harry Potter’. They’re in their late teens, so he probably has sexual undertones…I understand why he’s so attractive to them.

Way, who is also the creator of Peni Parker, the alternate version of Spider-Man, compared Twilight with The Raven which, according to him, was what was in style when they were in high school. In 2010, after being pressured to participate in the film’s soundtrack, My Chemical Romance released the song “Vampire Money” as a hint at the vampire saga that they had been offered a large sum of money to appear in the music on the tape.

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The producers of ‘New Moon’ put a lot of pressure on MCR’s music

That’s the reason why our song ‘Vampire Money’ is on the new album, because there are a lot of people after that money. Everyone was saying to us, ‘Please, for God’s sake, make this movie,’ but we were already at another stage in our career.

Regardless of what the interpreters of “Na Na Na” have thought so long ago, the vampire saga starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart it became a landmark in popular culture and is still as present as it was 14 years ago. “Bella’s Lullaby” is still heard on TikTok videos even if only as a mockery.

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MCR will visit Mexico for Corona Capital 2022

My Chemical Romance will be presented this Friday, November 18 on the Corona stage at 11:30 PM, along with other bands like Dylan Minnette’s Wallows and Charli XCX. Also don’t forget that Twilight, new Moon, Eclipse Y Breaking Dawn Part 1 Y Dawn Part 2 They will be exhibited in Cinépolis theaters starting on Thursday, November 17 and you can already purchase your tickets.

Corona Capital 2022: My Chemical Romance mocked ‘Twilight’ and Robert Pattinson