Crystal Dynamics has heard fans “loud and clear” in ‘Legacy of Kain’ survey

The study, which now belongs to the Embracer Group, has revealed how the feedback from the survey on the popular vampire saga has been. And the truth is that they have raised the hype quite a bit.

At the beginning of last October 2022 we tell you that Crystal Dynamics had openly asked if we wanted a new ‘Legacy of Kain‘. She did it through a very complete public survey that, to tell the truth, was not published by chance. In fact, that interest corresponds to the statements that Embracer Group made when it decided to acquire some Square Enix studios and their IPs, including Crystal Dynamics and the ‘Legacy of Kain’ IP. Basically, they said they were interested in bringing back those classic sagas. Now, the developer has revealed how it has been the feedback from that survey and it seems to look good.

They have heard us “loud and clear”

The information comes from the hand of a transcript of VGC done during the earnings call for parent company Embracer Group. As they comment, it was Phil Rogers, CEO of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos, who revealed that the survey had been a massive success. In fact, he commented that have received more than 100,000 responses when normally this type of surveys have a much lower participation.

That is what he said verbatim about it according to the quoted transcript:

“We wanted to get a community perspective on what players are looking for if we were to visit the land of Nosgoth again and our iconic IP, ‘Legacy of Kain’.

In the past, we discovered that surveys usually get between 1,000 and 3,000 responses, but when we asked people about ‘Legacy of Kain’, we got over 100,000 responses. 73,000 players completed it completely, and if you are one of them, we thank you very much and we appreciate the great effort invested since the survey was quite extensive.

We saw the news of our survey shared on social networks and by the press and it really We felt this was a great way to reignite this passionate community. of fans with this legendary saga of games for PC and consoles. Rest assured, we’ve heard you loud and clear, and We’ll continue to update you on the future possibilities of ‘Legacy of Kain’ later.”.

‘Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver’

Definitely, It seems complicated that this reception does not end up translating into some kind of future project. The survey, if you did not take it, was very directed to know how to approach that game in case they do. That is, knowing the interest of the players in terms of choices as if we prefer a remake or a new game, for example.

Without a doubt, if one day the return of ‘Legacy of Kain’ is officially announced, it will be excellent news. Especially considering the multiple projects canceled in recent years. One of them was ‘Nosgoth’. A title created by the developers of the popular ‘Rocket League’ and which wanted to offer a multiplayer experience based on the IP universe. And you? Did you participate? You can tell us here, or through social networks.

Crystal Dynamics has heard fans “loud and clear” in ‘Legacy of Kain’ survey