Details of the new edition of Caballero Vampiro

Vampire Knight New Edition Details

Panini Manga has announced what the new edition that the manga will tell will be like The Vampire Knight. Matsuri Hino’s work will be released in large format, omnibus editioncompletely new that collects three volumes in one and in a paperback softcover edition with dust jacket size 11.2 x 17.5cm. The first volume will go on sale at month of October with 580 pages and a price of €15. The rest of the volumes will have a monthly periodicity. In addition, it is also confirmed that the first edition of this volume will include a gift bookmark.

As the editorial already advanced at the beginning of the month, also in October will go on sale on sixth volume from the sequel manga, The Vampire Knight: Memoriesafter more than two years since the publication of the fifth volume back in May 2020. This new volume will maintain the format of previous deliveries although it will have a price of €8.95. The publisher will continue with the publication of the rest of the volumes with bimonthly periodicity.

Panini Comics he has previously edited both the original work and its sequel. The 19 volumes of vampire Knight were published for the first time between May 2008 and November 2014, while for Vampire Knight: Memories we had to wait until July 2019 to see the first volume published. The last published volume to date of this sequel was the fifth volumelaunched in the Spanish market in May 2008. In addition to these two series, the publisher also published the novels Ice heart Y the black trap.

Matsuri Hino published the work in the pages of the magazine lala of Hakusensha between 2004 and 2013, accumulating a total of 19 compiled volumes and being a real public success. It also had adaptations to other media, among which three light novels stand out. Already in 2016 it started on the pages of the magazine LaLa DX the publication of the sequel, Vampire Knight: Memorieswhich remains open with 7 compilation volumes.

The work served as inspiration for an animated series for television. Studio DEEN was in charge of the animation of this anime that had two seasons. Both seasons were directed by Kiyoko Sayama (brave 10, Skip Beat!) and with seiyuus Yui Horie (Naru Narusegawa in Love Hina), Mamoru Miyano (light Yagami in death note) Y daisuke kishio (Shinobu Takatsuki in Romantic Junjo) in the leading roles. The animated series is currently available on Netflix.

Yūki remembers that in her childhood while she was lost in the winter, she was attacked by an out of control vampire, a situation from which she was rescued by another vampire, Kuran Kaname. He took her to Kaien Cross, who becomes her adoptive father and later, the headmaster of the «Cross Private Academy» school with a system of day and night classes. However, the elite academy hides a secret: the students of the Night Class are actually vampires. The director and Kuran Kaname believe that a peaceful coexistence of humans and vampires is possible.

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