Discover the GOTY of the Xbox Community writing

After long days of voting, the Xbox Community staff has spoken with their 2022 GOTYs

It’s amazing how quickly the years go by. It seems like yesterday that we chose Psychonauts 2 as the clear winner for the best game of the year in 2021, and now we are involved with other votes. And although to no one’s surprise, this time things have been clear if we talk about first place, the rest of the positions have been highly disputed. A TOP 5 that make up the GOTYs that the Xbox Community writing team has created together so that you know the best thing that our console has had in these 365 days. Of course, we are convinced that you will have other favorites, so we encourage you to leave us your titles that have marked you the most.

5.Vampire Survivor

We already predicted it in the podcast when the phase came out preview of this game, and we were not mistaken. Despite the simplicity of its graphics, and even the non-existence of its controls, this game engages like no other. An insando pique that will have us hooked on command for hours. With the simple movement of our vampire hunters through a scene full of evil creatures, we will have to survive until death stalks us. But beware, in this title even death can die… Do not hesitate to read our impressions clicking here.

4. Grounded

Obsidian are beasts making games, there is no doubt about that. But it is that they also manage to design worlds that are brimming with their own life. Starfield will be a clear GOTY candidate in 2023, but Grounded has shown on its own merits that it can be in the TOP 5 for its staging. Never before has a garden been so alive, and whether alone or in company, there will be a thousand things to do in order to get out of there alive. If you are not afraid of wolf-spiders, then we recommend that you visit our review


The adventures of the little fox have made the writing fall in love with its particular proposal. At first he enters through the eyes, then one stays because of the challenge that he supposes and at the end he is intoxicated by the number of secrets that there are to discover. A little gem developed by a single person who has managed to win the hearts of gamers. In addition, the departure of her in xbox game pass It has been a perfect little candy for those users subscribed to the service. If you haven’t enjoyed Tunic, don’t waste any more time and install the game. And if you still have doubts, go to read our impressions.

2. A Plague Tale: Requiem

Our list of GOTYs is coming to an end, and ASOBO’s latest adventure could not be missing. Despite all the initial controversy with its frame rate, the study has shown that the power of rodents and the story that is told is superior to any technicality. A long and deep story that delves deeper into the brothers and their intrigues through the French countryside. If you want to know more about Hugo and Amicia, do not hesitate to go through our review.

1.elden ring

To no one’s surprise, From Software’s great adventure is proclaimed the clear winner of this 2022. We are not facing a “more and better” of the Souls formula that has marked a before and after of third-person adventures. We are before an ode to the artistic style, to the exploration of its areas and before a narrative like we have rarely seen from its creator. A set of facets that make the GOTY of 2022 absorb you and keep you trapped for a hundred hours without you realizing it. Undoubtedly, the masterpiece of the study, as we well say in the analysis that we publish on the web.

And here are the GOTYs that we have awarded in the Xbox Community. Although the dispute for the first prize has been nil, with a clear winner, it is true that the lowest positions have been disputed. That is why we cannot ignore jewels like TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, either Persona 5 Royal which could have been in this TOP 5 perfectly.

Little more we can say. Let’s hope that next year comes just as strong or better, and that we are there to tell you about our experiences with upcoming titles. Have a happy holiday and play a lot of the entire catalog offered by the Xbox ecosystem. Merry Christmas!

Discover the GOTY of the Xbox Community writing