Do you miss ‘Wednesday’? 10 Series to make the wait until its second season more enjoyable

If you are one of those who has fallen into the phenomenon WednesdayWe don’t blame you: the series is already one of the most viewed in the history of the platform, becoming an absolute success since its premiere. The series about the first-born of the Addams Family has become a sensation at the end of 2022 and promises to give something to talk about at the beginning of this new year, so you may not want to say goodbye to it completely yet.

Netflix has already confirmed that it will have a second season, although it is clear that it will not be soon. series of Tim Burton You will have to think very carefully about how to continue your story to continue dazzling the same number of viewers that you have managed to fall in love with in this first batch of episodes, but until then, why not see something different?

So that the wait becomes less difficult, and until you really feel like detaching yourself from this world of haunted schools, supernatural creatures and crimes that will hook you from start to finish, at LOS40 we propose you some series with which you will surely enjoy as much as you did with the character he plays Jenna Ortega in Wednesday. Aim:

one. riverdale

The adventures of the inhabitants of riverdale they are as dark as they are addictive, beginning everything with the arrival of Veronica Lodge, the daughter of a powerful tycoon who promises to turn the town upside down. Crimes and problems multiply in each chapter, in addition to serial killers. As if that were not enough, magic also eventually comes to the series.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: The adolescent essence of this series is undeniable, in addition to the role of music in it —although it does not have viral Tik Tok dances— and even some plots linked to mysticism.

You can see it on… Movistar+ and Netflix.

2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina could pass for a normal teenager, except she’s a young witch. She will have to live between two very different worlds: that of her life as a normal girl who lives her youth as normal as she can and that of a powerful sorceress who has to deal with some extremely dangerous problems.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: For all. Sabrina is the perfect transition if you still don’t want to turn the page and completely forget about Nevermore Academy.

You can watch it on… Netflix.

3. Elite

The troubles at Las Encinas High School go beyond problems with exams and ex-boyfriends: there are crimes that threaten everyone’s lives, and unknowns that make its protagonists have to discover who among them is a murderer. Of course, they also have time for the occasional sexual encounter. Although the sixth season of Elite bring much more tail.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: If you are a lover of mystery, Elite has what you are looking for. You may be distracted by many risqué scenesalthough solving the plots will have you just as hooked as knowing who is the creature that threatens the students of Nevermore.

You can watch it on… Netflix.

Four. The Vampire Diaries

Elena is trying to get over the death of her parents, and only a mysterious classmate can make her forget all her problems. Although he turns out to be a vampire, only his brother, Damon, will be more of a problem for them than he is their biggest difference.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: The town of Mystic Falls has vampires, witches, werewolves… And of course, they are all a constant threat to the students of Robert E. Lee High School.

You can watch it on Prime Video and HBO Max.

5. American Horror Stories

In this anthology series, ryan murphy abandon the format of presenting a season with the same theme to make independent chapters. Of course, all with the original essence of American Horror Stories.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: Each episode is a whole universe unto itself, so getting lost in this madness is quite an opportunity to continue exploring the world of horror and fantasy that has been lightly seen in Wednesday.

You can see it on… Disney+.

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy arrives with her mother to the -apparently- quiet town of Sunnyside, where she will try to build a new life. There she will be the one chosen to fight against vampires, demons and different envoys of darkness. Fortunately, she will have her friends.

Why will you like it? Buffy the Vampire Slayer if you have seen Wednesday: Buffy is a total sun compared to Wednesday, although the role of the dark creatures in this series is vital. What better way to continue in the line of the series than to continue seeing macabre creatures on the screen?

You can see it on… Disney+.

7. A series of unfortunate events

In this series based on the books of the same name, three orphans with special abilities will investigate the cause of their parents’ death while surviving their new guardian, the shadowy Count Olaf.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: Beyond a most curious universe that already conquered many in the 2004 film adaptation, the black humor of this series will take you directly to those awkward moments that Wednesday constantly causes.

You can watch it on… Netflix.

8. The order

Jack Morton joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, an organization that uses black magic to try to achieve world domination. However, the werewolves will jeopardize his entire plan.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: Supernatural creatures, evil plans and lots of action. Perhaps more sinister than our favorite Addams series, but certainly one in keeping with her style.

You can watch it on… Netflix.

9. Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

In 8 episodes, Guillermo del Toro collect 8 stories written and directed by different professionals from the audiovisual world that will test your level of endurance in the face of horror.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: The different stories will take you, in their own way, to seedy worlds even darker than what you’ve seen in Nevermore.

You can watch it on… Netflix.

10. Sandman

After spending years imprisoned, the King of Dreams, Morpheus, embarks on a journey through different worlds to find what was taken from him and regain his power. If he succeeds, he could put at his service who has the most power: death.

Why will you like it if you have seen Wednesday: What better way to continue enjoying fantastic and dark worlds than to get into an epic greater than Wednesday? Sandman has everything you need, and the second season of it is on the way too.

You can watch it on… Netflix.

Do you miss ‘Wednesday’? 10 Series to make the wait until its second season more enjoyable