Editorial HRN: Election of magistrates, political games and threats against the rule of law

We have to arm a single front and defend democracy to preserve our rule of law

Reference image of the Judiciary of Honduras. Photo: Public Ministry.

The decisive hours are approaching in the election of the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justicethose that are marked so that politicians enter into tight negotiations and establish minimal consensus around the integration of the Power of attorney.

The Appointing Board has closed the file review phase and is moving towards the evaluation stage to then raise the National Congress the list of applicants.

It will be then, when the politicians start the dirty games, the shady commitments and the trafficking of wills, although the nominators have taken pains to assume that the process has been carried out independently and without interference.

We bring to comparison the reflection of a well-known member of the Nominating Board, who has portrayed in the nude how politicians have historically acted like “vampires” around the advocacy sectors, with the aim of instilling “unruly ideas” and predicating the institutional order of the country.

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Certainly, politicians are on the prowl in the current process of electing magistrates as in other opportunities in which it has been the turn to integrate the Judicial Power, in accordance with the mandate of the Constitution and the laws.

The circumstances are now much more complex. From now on it has been openly admitted that the great negotiator of the formula for sharing seats in the highest court of justice has been commissioned by the Executive power.

Once again, we have a scenario of interference by the Executive in the Legislative Chamber to build the structure of Power of attorney. In the recent past this practice was denounced and condemned; now, the same political juggling is in force to the detriment of the principle of independence and complementarity of the Powers of the State.

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What is coming is serious if we listen attentively to the voices announcing that we are on the verge of falling into a crisis with unpredictable consequences if the political forces represented in the National Congress they do not reach a minimum agreement regarding the list of lawyers and notaries proposed to the Supreme Court of Justice.

We have been put on notice and we must not go unnoticed: if an agreement is not reached and the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice are not elected in the manner and in the time stipulated by law, there will be a rupture of the constitutional order and then we will have lost the rule of law in Honduras.

Everyone: civil society, the church, private companies, popular associations and responsible media, with credibility and responsibility such as the Corporation United Stations-Televicentrowe have to arm a single front and defend democracy to preserve our Rule of law.

Let the chain of aberrations to which the arrangements between politicians have given way be broken! That the application of the laws be straight and prompt, not contaminated or negotiated!

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Editorial HRN: Election of magistrates, political games and threats against the rule of law