El Pajaro Gómez de Vilma Palma e Vampiros: “I like to listen to Cristian Castro and my colleagues spend me”

Mario Gómez, vocalist of Vilma Palma e Vampiros (Credit: Erlyn Vélez)

For more than three decades, Vilma Palma and Vampires makes hundreds of people vibrate with his classic songs, such as “Auto Rojo”, “Bye Bye”, “La Pachanga”, “Mojada” Y “I love you so”. Over the years, the popular Rosario band has managed to stay current with its music not only in Argentina, but throughout the world.

In an interview with Teleshow, Mario Gomez, better known as the bird, assures that they are a lucky group to always have work since they started in the 90s. In addition, he assures that they are having an intense 2022 when touring Colombia, Ecuador, the United States and Spain. As a finishing touch to say goodbye to the year, they will perform in a single show on Wednesday, December 7 at the mythical Opera Theater (Av. Corrientes 860, CABA).

Vilma Palma is made up of Mario
Vilma Palma is made up of Mario “Pájaro” Gómez, Gerardo Pugliani, Carlos González, Karina Di Lorenzo, Fabiana Díaz, Pablo Cejas, Martín Cura and Lucho Cristini (Credit: Diego Vallejos)

—How are you preparing to close the year with a recital in Buenos Aires?

“We’re going to play all the hits.” We also recorded two new songs that are about to come out. We’ll probably feature them, but we’re going to play all the classics because that’s what people want to hear.

—Are you tired of always singing the same songs?

—No, for us it is a blessing. We do not stop working all over the world. Except for the pandemic that fucked up all the bands, we always work. There are few bands that transcend everywhere, including Vilma Palma. We were in the United States, Peru, Colombia, in countries of Central America and Europe. This is a busy year, a little too much for my taste.

They celebrated 32 years of career and are still in force playing all over the world with great success.

—If you saw the faces of the people at the shows singing the songs, it’s impressive. I always say that it is a blessing. We are neither the best nor the worst, but Vilma Palma is like a droplet that always falls. I don’t like birthdays, I hate birthdays, we’re turning 32, but I don’t want to end up like Los Chalchaleros after 100 years. I am the antithesis of rock, I don’t look like a rocker or anything. Notice what happened to the Guns N’ Roses: they did a show in river, they blew it up, Axel Rose He does not have the voice of before, but he does not stop running throughout the show. I don’t compare myself, we are a little ant next to them. The reality is that we always work and whoever saw us, saw us and whoever didn’t, got hunchbacked. But most of them are going to see us and it’s great.

Mario “Pájaro” Gómez performs the hit “Summer Traitor”

Does it still surprise you that Vilma Palma has so many fans outside of Argentina?

We also have many followers here. There is no explanation. The people who follow us are quite homogeneous: people in their 40s and 50s, but also guys in their 20s and 30s who also listen to us. That’s great because these generations got to know us through platforms like Youtube Y spotity.

—Would you like to collaborate with a colleague? It is very fashionable for artists to get together and record a song

—I’m honest, it’s not something that keeps me awake. when she came Carol G invited me to play with her at the Movistar Arena. I was surprised by the move, he made three sold out. It is not the music that I consume, but I took it as a lesson from having sung with the band. It was a crazy experience and she is divine, she sang “Auto Rojo” with me and then I sang “La Pachanga” alone. There were 15-year-old girls singing our songs. I’ve sung with many people and the truth is that it doesn’t keep me awake to do a collaboration, if it works well and if not too.

What music do you like to listen to?

—I’m seventy, eighty. Now there are boys and girls who sing and it’s great. Carol G write very well, Nicki Nicole is a monster, but it’s not the music I consume. I like it from now on Coldplayof Duki I like the letters. But I hear a lot from the old days: George Michael, Elton John, Genesis and The Beatles I was totally marked. I like pop, rock, deep purple… I’m going to make you laugh, my colleagues spend me, but I love listening to Cristian castro, has a motherfucking voice. Sometimes I listen to it before going out to sing, I like to listen to “For loving you like this”. Many of today’s artists sing the same and you can’t tell who they are, but they are phenomena that you have to give right now because the boys like them a lot. You can’t go against them. Today any person or band can upload a song on YouTube and it is a constant bombardment. On the one hand it’s good, but we come from vinyl, from releasing a song with a diffuser, from cassette and CD.

Vilma Palma closes the year with a show at the Teatro Ópera on December 7.  Tickets can be obtained through Ticketek (Credit: Diego Vallejos)
Vilma Palma closes the year with a show at the Teatro Ópera on December 7. Tickets can be obtained through Ticketek (Credit: Diego Vallejos)

—How do you see Argentina now? You are always traveling the world and perhaps you have a more macro view.

I’m not going to talk about it, I don’t like it. Argentina is a beautiful country. Until we agree among ourselves, we’re not going anywhere. Enough of disputes, we have to unite. Argentina hurts me because it is a beautiful country. I live in Rosario and when I grew up it was a different city and it hurts me. I lived abroad, in the United States, but I am going to die here. I think it’s a matter of time, there’s a lot of bad vibes. The only way to get ahead is if we all get together. Otherwise we will continue like this, fighting and we will not get anywhere.

—This year they had a lot of work, are you going to take vacations?

—I’m going to take the whole of January, I already told you that there is no Bird, because I’m already a pigeon (laughs)… I have a very big dichotomy, because in general I live traveling, so on my vacations I don’t know if I’m going somewhere . I really like Punta del Este, which is very expensive. Maybe I’ll go to Miami, but I don’t know yet. What I appreciate the most is being in my house in Rosario, I live next to the Monument, I have the river in front of me, there is nothing better than being at home. The only problem with this beautiful city is that it is very hot in January. So in 10 or 15 days I have to go. I need to go to the sea and I haven’t been there for two years, so it’s almost certain that I’m going to Uruguay. Let’s see how the hand comes.

—At some point you have to stop working to rest.

—It’s hard for me, but it’s essential to rest, to be at home, to sleep well. I go out if I feel like it, otherwise I like to drink wine, watch a movie and stay at home. I love my job, I came to the world for this, but the tours tire. In the United States, in fifteen days we did eight shows, traveling through New York, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Miami. We don’t stop and everything stresses you out. So when I get here and I’m at home, I don’t want to go anywhere.

Do you have any dreams left to fulfill?

—I am fascinated by Europe, I would like to stay and play for a few months. When we played in Milan, in Italy, it blew my mind. In November we played in several cities in Spain. We wanted to go to Australia, but we are a band of 18 people traveling and sometimes it is not profitable. They ask us from everywhere, from Greece to Israel. I always believe that more good things will come.

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