Emmanuel Horvilleur, Santiago Motorizado and Massacre will play for free in Mar del Plata

National artists join the Parador Recreo grid. The details of the concerts and the different shows for this week.

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In the continuity of the musical shows in the Parador Recreo in front of the MAR Museumin the last hours it was known that the artists Emmanuel Horvilleur and Santiago Motorized they joined the event grid and this week they will play for free in Constitution Beach. In turn, it was confirmed that within the framework of the cycle it will also massacrealthough without the officialization of when his recital will be in Mar del Plata.

The Parador Recreo in Mar del Plata was inaugurated last Wednesday in Playa Constitución, avenida Félix U. Camet between Valencia and López de Gómara -in front of the MAR Museum- and is located open from 10 to 20 with recreational activities and shows for the whole family.

Regarding the musical shows, the central ones will take place between 18 and 19.30. While the children will be on Thursdays and Sundays at 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. However, it is recommended to download the official app for any type of last minute modification.

And within the framework of the schedule of shows that will be offered for free in the space arranged by the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires, this Monday it was made official that the singer and leader of the band “He killed a motorized policeman”, Santiago Motorizado, will play on Friday, while Emmanuel Horvilleur will give a concert on Saturdayboth free of charge and open to any public.

For their part, they also reported that Massacre will play in the first half of January in Mar del Platawith day to be confirmed, like Sixth Sense, Willy Quiroga and the children’s proposal The Marianelos.

Beyond these national concerts guaranteed in the last hours, in the grid of recitals for this week in Parador Recreo in Mar del Plata There are local artists who will play from 6:00 p.m.: Growing (this Monday 2), Valentina Ska (Tuesday 3), good vampires (Thursday 5) and Beings of Time (Friday 6).

In addition, boys and girls will be able to enjoy all the humor of the theater company Chocolate Whiskers (Thursday 5 at 4:30 p.m.) and the songs of Bacon and the Papafritas, Sunday from 18.

In addition to the musical shows with national artists and the Código Provincia catalogue, in the Parador Recreo there will be a sector of tents in which workshops, proposals for children and artistic activities for the entire family. There will also be a sports playground and trampolines.

The Parador Recreation in Mar del Plata It is not the only one that settled in Buenos Aires territory on the Atlantic Coast since the ones in Monte Hermoso, Villa Gesell and Mar de Ajó also opened during the week, while the one in Chascomús will open its doors on Thursday, January 5.

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Emmanuel Horvilleur, Santiago Motorizado and Massacre will play for free in Mar del Plata