Four film versions of Dracula to remember Bram Stoker on his birthday

Dracula, the Bram Stoker classic, and its most remembered film versions. (Design based on images: Jesús Avilés/Infobae).

bram stoker, the author of the most famous and iconic vampire in history, was born on a November day in 1847. If he were immortal, like his character, he would have been 175 years old in 2022. He would probably be amazed at how many different vampires have emerged after the appearance of his mythical count, and like many of us, he would continue to defend that his is still the best of all.

The book, dracula, was first published in the year 1897, and was the most important work of Stoker, who had previously written several other novels and stories, as well as non-fiction texts. What came later did not manage to overcome him and if the author himself did not succeed, much less those who came after him.

So ingrained is the character in the popular culture of almost the whole world that every year there is no lack of someone who dresses up on Halloween as the famous count. And the influence of his myth has been such that several writers have dared to write stories and even entire books recreating, copying or citing the iconic vampire; plays based on his story, musicals and television series have been made. And if we talk about adaptations, the cinema cannot be left out.

There have been several films that have been made about Dracula, either taking him as a central or secondary character to tell something else. Regarding the writer’s birthday, at Infobae we have decided to remember the five most iconic, not so much because of the box office, but because of the versions of the character and the story that they offered us.


The first adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula that had to change the names of the characters and the locations.
The first adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula that had to change the names of the characters and the locations.

This was the first film based on the novel by Bram Stoker. Interpreted by the actor max schreck. the director of the film, F. W. Murnau, not having the rights to Stoker’s work, had to change the names of its protagonists, as well as their appearance. Dracula, then, is Count Orlok, the vampire Nosferatu. The plot does not take place in London but in Wisborg and despite these changes, the event managed to remain in the retina of moviegoers as one of the most important pieces of cinema of that time and, over time, among the cult films it won a special place.

2. DRACULA (1931)

Béla Lugosi in the role of Count Dracula.
Béla Lugosi in the role of Count Dracula.

It took nearly eleven years for a new adaptation of Stoker’s book to be produced. On this occasion, the film directed by Tod Browning he did have all the rights and was able to give moviegoers a version of the vampire much more in line with what was recorded in the original story. The person in charge of embodying it was the Hungarian actor Bela Lugosiwho had already played the vampire on Broadway.

However, the story itself was far from the original. For many of the followers of the Irish writer’s work, Browning’s film is more of a prequel, with which the myth of Dracula ends up distorting a bit. Lugosi’s performance was celebrated, but not the course of the film, which was already quite stretched out.

3. DRACULA (1958)


In the late 1950s, viewers were able to see a Dracula film for the first time in full color and much more faithful to the original story. Those in charge of embodying the vampire and Professor Van Helsing were Christopher Lee Y peter cushing. His performances were so good that to this day the film is still one of the best in the history of cinema.

Added to the acting work, the eroticism and the explicitness in its narrative make this film, directed by Terence FisherA must-have for any movie buff.


Gary Oldman playing Count Dracula.
Gary Oldman playing Count Dracula.

With this character, each new attempt to approach him is an improvement over the previous version. If Lee’s role was good and Fisher’s direction more than meritorious, it was done by Francis Ford Coppola Y Gary Oldman has nothing to envy them.

This is one of the best film adaptations of Stoker’s work. The cast, far from being pretentious, brought together great acting figures of those years such as Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. The result was simply sublime.

Winner of three Oscar Awards, Bram Stoker’s Dracula It is a film that knew how not only to respect the novel by the Irish writer, but also to place cult cinema at a fairly high point. Today it is still one of the best adaptations of Dracula and one of the best pieces of vampire cinema.


Four film versions of Dracula to remember Bram Stoker on his birthday