“He killed virgins and bathed them in his blood”: The connection between the team of ‘The Invitation’ and one of the first serial killers

Director Jessica M. Thompson dares with the vampire cinema through a macabre story. In theaters September 16.

Finding locations for your next horror movie and ending up in the immense castle of a descendant of the first known serial killer is a dream come true. This is what happened to the team The invitationthe macabre new film from Sony Pictures that will be released on 16 of September. The production traveled to Hungary to find the ideal place to develop this terrifying vampire story and ended up connected with Madame Báthory herself.

When we walked into this, it was a beautiful English style castle and I knew instantly that this was the castle we were looking for. Then I learned the real story, that it was a castle belonging to a distant relative of Madame Bathory, who is supposed to have been the first female serial killer. She killed virgins and bathed them in her blood.

“When I found that out I said, ‘We’re definitely going to shoot here,'” says director Jessica M. Thompson in an interview with SensaCinema. And they definitely did. The castle is one more character in this story of bloodthirsty vampires and very few scruples. “Of course, being in the middle of nowhere in Hungary adds a lot to the meaning of the film. The energy that was in that house was important“, says Thomas Doherty, one of the protagonists.

In The invitation, Evie is a young woman who, after the death of her mother, is left completely alone. She decides to look for her closest relatives and thus she ends up meeting a distant cousin who, however, does not seem to have anything in common with him. After a meal, he invites her to a relative’s wedding in the English countryside and Evie decides to go. At first, she will end up seduced by the host, an attractive and smooth-talking aristocrat, but after her first night she will realize that there is something very strange going on in that house.

“I completely connected with Evie,” says Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress you met in Game of Thrones and that now he has gone to the horror genre as the protagonist. “She is not entirely aware of how much she can get. There were times when she thought ‘this is too hard, it’s too big’ and I was on the opposite side. Somehow you manage to get over it. That has happened to me many times throughout my life. And so it is for everyone. We are fighting battles all the time.”

The personal factor has played a crucial role when Emmanuel felt identified with his character. For both of them, the support of her mother is key to moving forward, which serves as a very interesting feminist push.

There is a lot in the film about empowering women and dismantling the oppression of women. The fact that it is the voice of her mother calling her to move on is something very beautiful. My mother is my best friend and her voice is often in my head to tell me ‘go on, go on

For the director it was very important that there was this personal level in the story. The public had to be able to identify with the protagonists. “The glow it’s a movie that really speaks to me because I think: Why is it so effective? Why is it so scary? It’s because it’s a very personal story. It is not a monster that is under the bed, it is someone you love and who turns against you, “says M. Thompson, who took what he learned from the master Kubrick and transferred it to his own project.

“Natalie and Thomas are incredible actors and human beings. I thought a lot about trust during rehearsals, about building trust. They can read the scripts, the words, but it’s not about that. It’s about building your relationship and your background. If the audience didn’t feel their chemistry, there would be no story,” says the filmmaker.

The invitation opens in theaters on September 16.

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“He killed virgins and bathed them in his blood”: The connection between the team of ‘The Invitation’ and one of the first serial killers