How to prepare a vampire and what benefits it has for your health

Do you know what a vampire is? Many times, a good diet and certain foods help treat some physical ailments, as long as we do not neglect our doctor’s instructions.

Natural games fall into this group and, among them, the juice known as vampire stands out, named for its intense red color given by a specific ingredient and that is used for a lot of health problems. We give you the recipe and tell you how it helps you.

Ingredients for four servings of vampire

  • 1/2 kilo of oranges peeled and without seeds
  • 1/2 lemon peeled and seeded
  • 20 grams of carrot
  • 20 grams of celery
  • 65 grams of beets, peeled and in pieces
  • 25 grams of ice (optional).


  1. Squeeze the juices into the blender jar. If you prepare it in an extractor, reserve.
  2. Grind in blender using citrus juices as liquid medium to facilitate blending or process all solids in juice extractor.
  3. In case you are using the extractor, just mix the citrus juices with what you ground in the blender.
  4. In both cases, add ice to taste.

And what benefits does a vampire have for your health?


This combination of vegetables and fruits, where the main ingredient is beets, serves several purposes:

  • They bring together the necessary components to provide a large amount of energy, which includes a considerable portion of carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber, few fats and proteins, and a supply of abundant water.
  • Essential vitamins, such as Vitamin A, B vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6) and vitamins C, E and K.
  • It is also a good source of minerals, with calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc, which can improve blood quality and health.
  • Contains betaine, an essential amino acid that helps strengthen the body and inhibit the formation of factors that can cause cancer, especially colon and stomach.
  • As it contains carrots, it can benefit the gallbladder and kidneys and help relieve menstrual discomfort, regulate menstrual flow and treat premature menopause.
  • Thanks to its high sodium content, vampire juice can maintain good levels of soluble calcium in your body.
  • Being a good blood thinner, it can help relieve circulatory problems, avoiding varicose veins, hardening of the arteries and little blood flow. In addition, this smoothie can prevent or treat anemia.
  • It has significant amounts of sugar and essential vitamins that can be involved in the creation of RNA and DNA.
  • Its high potassium content contributes to the electrical activity of the heart and the functioning of the muscles.
  • It also contains manganese that helps strengthen muscles, nerves, bones and the immune system.

But as always, it may have some contraindications…


Although a vampire bat brings important benefits to your health, it is important to clarify that it contains a good amount of oxalates that are considered antinutrients, and can affect the functioning of the liver.

Drinking it in excess could also cause diarrhea if the person who consumes it has an accelerated intestinal rhythm.

It is also not advisable for diabetics to drink this juice, as it has a high sugar content.

Although there are few contraindications, it is best to take it in moderate amounts and sporadically.

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How to prepare a vampire and what benefits it has for your health