Interview with the Vampire: why you have to watch the series based on Anne Rice’s book that is (much) better than the 90s movie

2023 arrives loaded with
series premieres that we really want to see and
January it would not be less. The wait has been long, because it premiered in the United States in the fall, but from today we can see it on AMC+ (available on various operators and streaming platforms).
interview with the vampirethe series based on the book by Anne Rice that, we already told you, is (much) better than the 90s movie.

So it was Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise who
they played Louis and Lestat and they regained interest in vampire stories, although the film did not receive good reviews. Later the gothic setting and the undead became quite a fashion thanks to the Twilight saga.

On the small screen, for their part, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or True Blood kept the vampire flame alive, which more recently was rescued by the magnificent comedy
What we do in the shadows. And now the mythical couple created by the North American writer returns, with a production that has received excellent reviews in the United States.

Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with the Vampire. /


Jacob Anderson, known for playing Gray Worm in Game of Thrones, is
Louis de Pointe du Lac, a Creole man who supports his family by running several brothels in one of the best-known streets of New Orleans. This is one of the many differences that the television production has with the film, which in the case of the character played by Brad Pitt serves to delve into his origins and the racial problems of the time, and today.

Louis sends the journalist
Daniel Molloy a postal package with several tapes of their meeting in the 70s. And he invites her to meet him in Dubai, where he lives, to resolve their differences and rewrite the story he told him in their first meeting. Played by Eric Bogosian (Billions, Succession), Molloy travels in the midst of the pandemic, and with an autoimmune disease, to the other side of the world, to meet a man who fascinates him as much as he criticizes.

Owner of the most important real estate company in the city, Louis is now a man who, despite having more than a hundred years behind him, has been able to adapt to changes and thanks to technology he can enjoy the days in a spacious apartment with spectacular views. with the young
Rashid as helperhaving resolved the misunderstandings that culminated in their last meeting, begins to tell his story to Molloy.

Sam Reid as Lestat in an image from Interview with the Vampire.

In his narration, the man who changed his life, Lestat, does not take long to appear. A seasoned vampire, played by
sam reid (The Newsreader), who, after being dazzled by his reaction to an unpleasant event, does everything possible to meet him. Despite the fact that at first Louis did not have much interest in him, the charms and powers of the vampire from Europe did not take long to conquer him.

Because another of the main differences of the series with respect to the well-known film is that while in the second the
gay relationship between the two protagonists it was never explicit, in the first it doesn’t take too long to become so. And it is precisely their romance that marks their future and conditions the decisions that both will make over the years.

Among which is, of course, the decision to adopt the girl Claudia, played by Bailey Bass (Avatar: The Sense of Water). As if it were a conventional marriage, both see in the little girl rescued from a fire a way to save her relationship, which resents the controlling nature of
lestat and the vital unhappiness that Louis drags from his mortal time.

Eric Bogosian and Jacob Anderson in an image from Interview with the Vampire. /


Although the molds and the characters in the story are broadly the same, the television version has little to do with the feature film from the 90s. The length of a
TV seriesand the good work of the scriptwriter, allows us to offer a deeper vision of the characters, better understand their motivations and the reasons that lead Louis and Lestat to maintain a relationship that is as passionate as it is toxic.

The interesting narration, set in a remarkable way, is punctuated by interruptions of
molloy, which does not take long to point out with a lot of bad temper, the contradictions and defects of its narrator, as if it were the viewer. But he also doesn’t hesitate to provoke Louis, for whom some of the passages in his life are too painful to go into detail.

Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid in an image from Interview with the Vampire. /


Composed of seven episodes, and renewed for a second season, Interview with the Vampire has been rated by American critics as the best fantastic series released in 2022, the same year they hit the platforms.
the house of the dragon Y
The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. And several of its chapters, especially the last one, have slipped into the lists of the best episodes of the year. That’s right.

The outstanding work of its protagonists, especially that of Anderson, the depth that Rolin Jones, its creator, has given to the well-known story, and its ability to live up to the creation of
Anne Rice These are some of the virtues of the production that AMC+ premieres today in Spain. A story that, although we think we already know, Louis tells us again to make up for the previous version, but also to delve into the history of two of the best-known vampires in contemporary culture.

Interview with the Vampire: why you have to watch the series based on Anne Rice’s book that is (much) better than the 90s movie