iPhone: 10 expert tips to increase battery life

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Tunit, well-known manufacturer of accessories certificates Apple, offers a series of practical tips on how to increase the longevity of your iPhone to be able to make the most of it and for as long as possible. It may happen that you have to change your mobile device precisely because of a battery that no longer holds up to life since most of the accumulator cells have become useless and completely oxidized. How to solve this problem? Here’s how to do it effectively.

1. Familiarize yourself with the battery usage metrics in the Settings to understand your needs. Here you can not only discover the usage habits that lead to excessive energy consumption, but you will also receive useful tips to optimize your consumption with the iPhone.

2. If there are applications that you actually use, but they consume a lot of energy, delete them. How to spot them? In Settings go to voice “App Battery Usage” and analyze the percentage of battery used by different apps in the selected time range. Correlate this information with the importance and real use of each app in your daily life: eliminate all the superfluous.

3. The advice of those who, like Tunit, are fully familiar with these devices is to disable most of the notifications. Whether it’s for a missed call, a message, or for all push alerts from apps, activating notifications allows you to use your iPhone even faster and smarter, but significantly affects the life of your battery. For this reason, the advice is to at least deactivate all push notifications, to reactivate them only when strictly necessary.

4. What about notifications? What are the ones to keep active? Only messaging apps, alarm clocks and little else. No social media, emails, news or other various services: to prevent these energy vampires from activating the screen of your iPhone with each notification, you can go to the app’s notification settings and touch “lock screen” to deselect it. A simple operation that will not only give you a lot of peace, but also a lot of extra battery in your day.

5. Consider that a large screen consumes a lot of energy. Make it a habit to keep the brightness as low as possible, not only to extend the battery life of the iPhone, but also to reduce excessive strain on your eyes.

6. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network when you can. The data connection is more expensive in terms of energy consumption than Wi-Fi, but when the latter is not available it is essential for your battery to turn off Wi-Fi, which otherwise will continue to search for networks to connect to. using up a good portion of your energy reserves.

7. There are other ways to optimize iPhone settings to extend battery life. For example, reducing motion and animations, turning off location services and auto-brightness, and more. For a complete list of settings you can change to improve battery life, see Apple Support.

8. When your battery is running low and you need to conserve energy, Low Power Mode is your best friend. This option disables or reduces some features such as email retrieval, “Hey Siri”background app refreshes and automatic downloads, so your iPhone can stay on and active until you can recharge it.

9. For those who have full knowledge of these devices, as in the case of Tunit, he suggests avoiding extreme or high temperatures: keep your cell phone at room temperature. It is proven, using iOS or iPadOS devices in very high ambient temperatures can permanently degrade battery life. So a key tip to ensure a long life is not to expose it to temperatures outside the range between 0 and 35 °C.

10. If you have to use the device in cold climates, put your iPhone in an inside pocket of your jacket, to exploit body heat, or get yourself a thermal protective case. Otherwise, if you can, turn it off: in this way the iPhone will be able to withstand colder temperatures without damaging it.

iPhone: 10 expert tips to increase battery life