ItalyWeen is born in New York

In collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Region, the first edition of the Halloween “Italian Style” where

Imagine seeing between zombies, vampires and gruesome skeletons, an ancient Italian puppet, or a historical Emilia-Romagna mask that speaks of culture, art, history, identity. Here then you have got the right ticket for Italyweenthe first Big Apple event where the dark-gothic euphoria of Halloween mixes with the Italian carnival.

The ItalyWeen event

The brilliant idea in its creation as well as in the choice of the name comes directly from an emiliano-romagnolo doc, Riccardo Costaprofessor of cinema and chairman of the Impresa, Territorio, Made in Italy commission of the Comites of New York, the Committee of Italians residing abroad which, after last year’s change of guard, is working hard to offer support and moments of conviviality for Italian and Italian American citizens present in the area.

“This year we decided to offer the large Italian community of the Tri-State – we are talking about about 90 thousand fellow citizens counting only the people registered in Aire – the opportunity to celebrate not only the Halloween weekend, which was very successful in America, but also the Italian carnival which, unfortunately especially in a large and dispersed city like New York, risks never being celebrated ”, declared Riccardo Costa.

“On this occasion – continued the president of a commission that also embraces tourism and institutional relations USA / Italy – we had the full support of the Emilia-Romagna Council in the world thanks to the extraordinary work of the president Marco Fabbri, through the Piacenza association Società Val Trebbia and Val Nure with dr. Diego Segalini. Emilia-Romagna is known to the world for boasting important puppet museums where manufacturing art becomes unique and unrepeatable. Given the enormous response received, I can only be happy with this first edition ”.

ItalyWeen at Fabbrica

In the exclusive location of Factory, one of the coolest clubs in Brooklyn, the area once the headquarters of Italian immigrants, so much so that it is still called by the older generations “Broccolino”, for an entire evening the hilarious and playful atmosphere of the masked parties of the two countries. On a maxi screen, the projection of the most famous puppets in Italy and some internationally known masks, such as Dr. Balanzone, which served as the perfect carnival scenography.

In this fusion of different cultures, food could not be missing: together with the classic trick and treat, it was possible to taste typical dishes and wines of Emilia Romagna. For the occasion, in fact, the owner of Fabbrica, Alberto Baudo he thought of regional street food: tigelle, fried dumplings, wraps and small portions of lasagna. “Other than a joke, one might say” as the president of Comites in New York, Alessandro Crocco jokingly commented, who then made a deeper reflection on the positive impact of these activities even for the little ones.

“Promoting and preserving Italian traditions and here in America also Italian-American ones is one of the main objectives of the Comites of New York. Let the air of the Italian carnival breathe and why not, also teach the generations of the little ones, I think of those like me who have children born here, that in addition to the trick or treat or the boo of a zombie there is also the magic of a funny and clumsy mask like Dr. Balanzone, is very important. Children do not forget that they need roots and wings. Here, this event, without a shadow of a doubt, has served and will serve in the future to create those roots of family and social traditions useful for the growth of our children here in America “.

The ItalyWeen event

Present at the initiative, the Consul Cesare Bieller enthusiastic about the success of the event and the honorable Christian Di Sanzo, newly elected in the North and Central America division who, thanking the president Crocco and the commission chairman Costa, commented: “For the many Italians who live abroad, moments like these are needed not only to get together but also and above all to promote, as a community, the culture and art of our country abroad. Behind a puppet hides not only the hilarity of Carnival but the culture of a particular area, the linguistic identity of a people, the unique and unrepeatable art of a profession such as that of the puppeteer, which previously was only handed down from generation to generation. in generation “. “The work of the Comites of New York – added Di Sanzo – is an example of how the Comites can work well at the service of the community abroad”.

Presenter and head of communication for the event, Francesca Di Matteo, founder of the American communication company StrategicA Communication who commented at the opening of the evening: “When they asked me what I thought of Italyween I could only express a positive opinion by immediately embracing the idea. By dealing with Italian brands that want to conquer the American market, I realize how important it is to promote the Italian system in the world, even with events like these “.

To conclude the evening, a lottery with prizes to tempt and envy Americans given the prizes directly offered by restaurateurs such as Pane & Pasta and Pisillo Panini, Cantina Valtidone, Kiko Makeup, Coni and Fabbri association with its very famous and centenary black cherry.

A special thanks also went to the other sponsors, the aforementioned StrategicA Communication, Fresco Piada and Brindiamo!

ItalyWeen is born in New York