Jacob Batalon justifies the use of the word “fat” in ‘Reginald The Vampire’

No more being the friend in the chair Tom Holland. Now, Jacob Battalion He’s the hero, only instead of spider powers he has bat powers. Reginald the Vampire‘ is not only her first starring role, but it’s also her first series. The 26-year-old is aware of how the Marvel fan phenomenon has driven him to take this great leap since, according to him, in the end “The audience is what puts actors in very privileged positions. So I’m very grateful. I wouldn’t be here without them”. Like I’m an avenger Batalon received us at the Lisbon Comic Con where he presented his SYFY project to these fans, which will premiere in Spain on Thursday, January 12. at 10 p.m. with a double episode.

After co-starring in a trilogy of Marvel Cinematic Universe and even appear in ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘, a laid-back vampire comedy in the style of ‘What we do in the shadows‘ might not be much of a challenge. However, if anything characterizes these vampire stories (except ‘Twilight‘) is the enormous amount of “disgusting blood”. For Batalon, this is “the most uncomfortable thing there is. It sneaks into your underpants and you have to wait until the end of the day to take it off. You have to clean yourself with shaving cream, apparently it’s a secret.” The other stereotype that the series plays with and that can be clearly seen in the poster is the sharp teeth that were also very real. That’s where the challenge was that “You almost have a lisp and you can’t speak fast enough. You can’t articulate your sentence”.

Everything superficial about vampires is in the series, even their haughty character and excessively beautiful bodies. For this reason, a neophyte hero like Reginald comes to break with these stereotypes so present in fiction and in reality. “Our main message is that you don’t have to follow the stereotypical Hollywood version of what a hero is”. Due to his own way of being and his experience with more Hollywood fame, Batalon feels very identified with his character’s complexes. “I myself have grown up at a time where the body is very important”. The Johnny B. Truant novel on which the series is based already hints at this critical review by being titled ‘Fat Vampire’. The series is also not afraid to use the word fat from the first minute of the pilot and its protagonist defends this script decision: “it’s a socially accepted word to use and we shouldn’t give it that weird power to embarrass people”.

A very important secondary

Despite the fact that with Marvel he did not become a protagonist, in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home‘ had the privilege that many would dream of and that he confesses that he will remember forever: introducing Toby Maguire Y Andrew Garfield at MCU. “It’s one of those moments that change your life”. That was the moment that all the fans were waiting for and that was kept so secret. Nevertheless, the surprising thing is that during the filming of the film he did not seem to be fully prepared. “We didn’t have an ending to the movie, so we didn’t know how they were going to play out. It wasn’t until after the Christmas break that Jon (Watts) and the writers had this idea of ​​them showing up at my grandmother’s apartment.” Beyond the fan service that introducing the Spider-Mans you’ve grown up with might entail, For Batalon, the best of that moment was the same thing that characterizes his new SYFY series, available later on Universal+: fun.. “Everyone expected it to be a super stellar heroic moment. But doing it in my grandmother’s apartment was so much more fun”.

‘Reginald the Vampire’ premieres its first two episodes Thursday, January 12 at 10 p.m. on SYFY.

Jacob Batalon justifies the use of the word “fat” in ‘Reginald The Vampire’