Jesús Font, the jump from television series to Netflix with “Hollyblood”

Santander. The film and television series director Jesús Font (Barcelona, ​​1960) He has gone from directing great series such as “El Comisario”, “Caronte”, “Gavilanes” or “Todos los hombres yes equals”, to place his latest film, “Hollyblood”, as one of the ten most viewed non-English speaking films in the world on Netflix, something that he himself did not expect.

“I am delighted above all because it is a comedy that is a parody of the world of vampires and it amuses me that it has come so far because it is my first experience with Netflix in the sense that it is a co-production with them,” says Font in an interview with Efe, in which he explains that after having premiered on the big screens throughout Spain, “Hollyblood” can now be enjoyed on this platform.

Although his studies and the beginnings of his profession as a filmmaker were directing short films and even a movie called “Carambolas”, he has always liked dramatic television because “it makes living many more lives much more intense for a long time”, because the TV has to be “fast and effective”.

Creating audiovisual products for television gives it versatility with respect to cinema, which is “calmer, it is a reflection and it is more closed”, says the Catalan director, who is in Santander this weekend to offer a course on cinematographic comedy to actors at the School of Film and Television.

“There have been projects that I have tried to raise and have not succeeded, others that have happened to me and I have not liked and there is a moment when this fricassee of ‘Hollyblood’ reminded me a lot of the shorts I made when I was young and it was something for have a good time and that the staff have a good time,” he adds.

And it is that after 45 days in theaters across the country, this non-English speaking film has managed to be among the ten most viewed worldwide in just one week, a film that, according to its own director, may interest to all types of audiences from baby boomers to millennials or generation Z.


Jesús Font assures that the vampire is the longest-lived character in the history of world cinema, that has accompanied all generations of film fans being a grotesque, malevolent and murderous figure.

In this case it is “a symbol of vampirism, where people overwhelm you and squeeze you, it is not just a vampire that sucks blood and bites, but it is the parable of many pettiness of the human being”, he comments.

Also, the film has a romantic element, which makes the character “contradictory and rich” and is one of the reasons “it has worked”.

“It was risky because here comedy is not valued, people laugh and have a good time but critics and awards always move away from comedy and instead the public is the only thing that makes it still go to movie theaters Font laments.

And it claims that, with the help of Netflix, it has been possible for this type of platform to expand the territories where Spanish productions can reach, such as the USA, the great market that had yet to be reached and that has more than 60 million Spanish speakers. By Celia Aguero Pereda.

Jesús Font, the jump from television series to Netflix with “Hollyblood”