King Carlos III is linked to vampires, this is the strange reason

The King Charles III inherited the throne of the United Kingdom as the longest-lived monarch in history after her mother’s death, the Queen isabel II, who rheined for 70 years in a row. After the change in the generation of the monarchy, stories related to the royal family have emerged, such as the illegitimate son of the new kingwave bonding of his majesty with the vampires.

Prior to ascending to the top figure in British royalty, then-Prince Charles acquired several propertiesamong them one that links it with the mythical nocturnal beings that emerged in the folklore of some European countries, the so-called vampires.

Among the best known properties that the eldest son of “Lilibet” and of Philip of Edinburgh He boasts that his family includes Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle and Kensington Palace.

In his years of service as crown prince to the throne, Carlos III traveled all over the world, especially through European lands where he found a property that drew attention for his tranquilitywhich is located in Romaniacountry of origin of the famous Count Vlad III, the “Impaler”whose sadistic behavior inspired the creation of the vampire dracula From the writer Bram Stocker.

How is the property that links Carlos III with the vampires?

The home of Carlos III in Romania is known as The blue House, which he bought in 2006. His main reason was to fall in love with the area he she met during a official visit what did you do in 1998. The country house is located in the rural town of Viscrian emblematic town of Transylvaniawhere the character of the writer had his rooms from his enormous castle.

King Carlos III normally spend a couple of days every year at La Casa Azul where he usually greets the locals and goes on excursions. The house has seven rooms Y has no radios or televisions inside to create a peaceful atmosphere Y quietjust as the now king wishes.

Carlos III has several properties. Photo: The Mirror/Katai/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

The days that King Carlos III visits the country house, this is open to the public In general, he can access it, so rumors grow about the link with vampirism that the monarch allegedly has due to the atmosphere that surrounds both his royal customs and the king’s customs. serious and austere environment of the place.

In addition to the seven bedrooms, all of which are ensuite, the house has a parlor, dining room, family room, large kitchen, and an open-air breakfast barn that boasts a huge bread oven.

King Charles III’s love for Transylvania is due in part to the harmony of local people and the nature that can be found in Romania, according to the British media outlet The Mirror, who quoted the monarch in a docuseries titled Wild Carpathia: “It is the last corner of Europe where complete sustainability and true resilience are seen.”


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King Carlos III is linked to vampires, this is the strange reason