Lady Sox

The new single of the very young Tuscan singer-songwriter has been released “Mondo Fantasy” is the new single of the very young singer-songwriter Lady Sox from Volterra, a pop song, inspired precisely by the fantasy genre, characteristic of the eclectic and Tuscan artist.

“I’m locked up in my fantasy world, it sends me into raptures among nemeses and demon hunters, crimson blood, since time immemorial. We are in 1800 in London among werewolves, vampires and shadow hunters..”, thus starts the song, which represents a real imaginary journey, between melody and rap.

Sophia, aka Lady Sox, is an avid reader and self-described “Nerd.” “Mondo Fantasy” was born from the reading of Cassandra Clare’s saga “Shadowhunter”. The urban fantasy saga consists of several books: some of these books are mentioned directly in the passage when he mentions “The City of Bones” and “Il Fuoco Celeste”.

This saga has bewitched more than 50 million people and among them me too – says Sophia – and in the future I would also like to rewrite the script of the TV series, since the one produced up to now, naturally in my opinion, is not at all satisfactory.

Among the latest experiences, Lady Sox ranked among the top three Italian Junior artists at the Tour Music Fest 2022, also qualifying for the European final on the stage of the Titano Theater in San Marino, performing accompanied by the orchestra.

Lady Sox, born in Volterra (Pi), is an all-round artist despite her very young age. In fact, she boasts experience in all fields: from writing, to acting, to singing. Her writings range from poetry to short stories (already selected for publication) and songs. You already have numerous songs deposited at Siae, with one of these you win the Voci D’Oro competition in 2021 and place in the top 10 at the Tour Music Fest, in the very final Junior category of September 2021 in Rome. With Andrea Prestianni, her vocal coach, at the Art Work Studio of Santa Maria a Monte, she takes singing lessons and composes. At Le Muse Academy, she attends courses in acting and creative writing.


October 2015 January 2016 participates as a co-star actress in the Rai Fiction “Luisa Spagnoli”, directed by Lodovico Gasparini, in the role of Loretta as a child.

April 2018 participates in the Music Camp of the Tour Music Fest and subsequently in the Tour MusicFest.

August 2018 won the 6th Singing Competition of the Bibbona School of Music, in the baby category.

September 2018 participates in the National Semifinals of the Cantagiro of Fiuggi. She qualifies for the National Final where she arrives Third overall in her Baby category.

August 2019 won the 7th Singing Competition of the Bibbona School of Music in the Baby category.

July 2021 wins the Voci D’Oro singing competition in the Junior category

July 2021 participates in the City Music Camp of the Tour Music Fest.

September 2021 accesses the second round of the final of the Tour Music Fest in the Junior category with his unreleased “Clochard”.

March 2022 his short story “A Rainy Afternoon at the End of November” is selected for publication in the Luce Nera Literary Competition

April 2022 the video edited by her while singing Beyond the Horizon is selected for publication in the Disney Web Festival 2022.

July 2022 wins the Best Text awards in Livorno and ranks 1st of the songwriters.

September 2022 she is chosen by the director Francesco Falaschi to star in the docufilm “La Memoria di Ferro”.

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