Let’s clarify the news of the “vampire woman” found in Poland

Even if the vampirism it seems to be definitely the most accredited hypothesis for this kind of rite, however there is no lack of alternatives. The scythein fact, in the past it was an object used a protection of pregnant women and children, so there may also be a reference to benign rituals. And the scientific community is by no means unanimous in attributing these peculiarities to the burials.

Two other details arouse the interest of historians and archeologists: a silk hat placed on the woman’s head and a particularly protuberant incisor tooth. The headdress probably indicates the belonging of the deceased to a high social class, while the strange conformation of the dental arch highlights unusual physical characteristics of the woman with whom the alleged supernatural powers may have been associated (it is not clear, in fact, what was the criterion used at that time to establish that a person was a vampire).

photo: Nicholas Copernicus University

News from a ramshackle source

If onauthenticity of the photographs and of the discovery there are not many doubts – also because it is not the first time that a discovery of this type has been made e in any case, this is not a scientifically striking discovery – there would seem to be some more uncertainty as to whether it is actually one Announcementsof a news in the journalistic sense of the term.

Many Italian and international newspapers, in fact, indicate as the source of the news and as the first media to report the new discovery the British gravure Daily Mail, which is certainly not new to magnified shots. The Daily Mail writes about one “Exclusive” in giving an account of this discovery, but it is not clear what the news itself consists of. The head of the research team, Dariusz Poliński, has been involved in the analysis of the findings for years in Polish burial places. (A similar find, for example, was made in 2008 in the village of Drawsko, also in Poland, where well 6 skeletons in similar conditions, and 5 of them had one sickle above the neck or abdomen.) Nicolaus Copernicus University has not given any news of the discovery, nor on the official site nor on social channels four days after the news was published (despite the fact that the news is depopulating everywhere, which sounds rather strange). There is no paper scientific reference, there are no recent interviews with the authors of the discovery – other than the one reported by Daily Mailwhich, however, is not clear whether it is recent or not – e the journalist who wrote the article seems to have the easy scoop.

However, since the photos accompanying the article seem to be appeared online only from the beginning of September, a couple of hypotheses (all to be verified) seem to be the most reasonable at the moment. Either it was a new discovery and among all the newspapers in the world the one that was first alerted or learned of the news is the Daily Mailwhich has been given a sort of exclusivity so much that no one else has been given first-hand information (and of which no scientific document has been drawn up, so much so that even Science Alert cite as source the Daily Mail)or it could be a new photo shoot with new photos (“exclusive”) of a discovery in some way already known, passed off as news and then become viral media. If journalistically the mystery remains, at least from the scientific point of view – on the existence of vampires – there are no big doubts.

Let’s clarify the news of the “vampire woman” found in Poland