Mama, what does the gringo want?

By: Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle

(Five missteps of Ambassador Laura Dogu in her first six months)

guideline for Hugo Llorens, the new lobbyist

The project to reform the law of the Council of Defense and Security – as promised by the Government plan of Xiomara and as required by the Patriotic Pact that we promoted a year ago from our independent civic organizations – will have its flaws (the Attorney General should not be there) and of course it was insufficiently socialized with the allies. But what is surprising are the visceral reactions? nothing spontaneous. Gabriela Castellanos, a friend of the Embassy, ​​declares that she urgently needs to arrest her because create a monster. Earlier yesterday they recruited Commissioner Borjas to rave, who was a abdication of Xiomara in favor of Mel. And when, in the afternoon, it became known that a woman had been appointed as executive secretary, Borjas had not, they backed down and paraded the mojiganga that they intended to go and fetch the Prof. Patricia Rhodes, to give him command of the national arms.

This is how Isaías Zelaya, former candidate of the PAC of the National Party, sentenced him. Several jurists such as lawyers Reina Rivera Joya and Ramón Romero and analysts such as Leticia Salomón have published in different media ( complete analyzes of what the new law actually does to correct the distortions of the previous one and restore the rule of law against the power traps created by JOHto gain impunity and blackmail opponents.

So who conspires and why, against the restoration of the rule of law? Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are. Because of course they are not isolated in this, the National Party and its partners. They don’t deliberate much, but they do double-step in their lairs, the poor bastards of corrupt military abusives, complaining that offend them, when they are called to account.

No longer do the vampires of the bankers who run the security fee, dealers and are accompanied by the witches of the mines, they are not alone. Nor do they bustle in tenuous, worthless holograms, the great media industrialists, who clearly conspire, and the journalists of the guideline. They walk together, God raises them, poor God. And the Devil joins them to the beneficiaries of the corrupt system, almost all criminally responsible and many even extraditable. (How could they not be concerned that a new justice would be glimpsed -out there-, tied to the general good, clean and independent? How could they not be scared of losing complete control of the judiciary, which they have enjoyed for half century? They are terrified by the prospect of a neat and sovereign Court, a Prosecutor’s Office committed to its mission and a CICIH to help them clean up the pigsty they have made of the country.) And then, so many fools! That no matter how early you get up and wherever you go, it’s already full of fools and fools … of all calibers. Together, dangerous probes.

What is somewhat surprising – the paradox – is that, while the US takes JOH with few of its partners, speech of fight corruptionof institutionalize democracyof strengthen the independence of powersDo you brazenly and openly support and incite these pillars again, and opt against reforming the law that induced and protected corruption, and aligned the impunity of the dictator? It must be said that these positions have something incomprehensible, if you have swallowed the story. To say that they are mysterious would be too much to say. But what are they looking for? What causes these apparently absurd slaps of drowning? Where is the paranoid diplomacy of the US in Latin America going? Who understand them? Where do you think Laura Dogu is going? Because it has also been a consistent pattern.

Before naming her, they made sure to derail the intention of open up to the world. At the beginning, one said that does not understand, this newcomermust be ready, let’s give it timeshe is going to discover I once told myself that her political advisers are the rope, but she never deviated from the script: you have to grant her that consistency, for the last six months, she’s been just as clumsy.

  1. Refusing to recognize the correct title of the president of the National Congress, after being linked to the attempt to carry out a parliamentary coup, and forming an opposition directive, to which the Embassy had always opposed, is that right? and then insist on delegitimizing the Legislative Power, although now less, because he believes he needs it and can manipulate it in his favor?
  2. Pretend to rule on a decree law proposed by President Castro and promulgated by the National Congress, declaring the provision of electricity of national public interest, Alleging that this principle – which subordinates commercial utility to the strategic interest of the country’s development – will it scare away US investment? Really? Well, what coldness, what kind of investor do you want to bring us?
  3. Pronounce against the legal reform -voted in Congress- to ensure an improvement in the way in which civil society must elect its representatives in the Nominating Board, to propose honest candidates for election to the Supreme Court, insisting Laura Dogu that they had to include their henchmen and organizations linked to the Embassy, ​​but perfectly discredited as ASJ, and lobbying their partners, to empower their pawns in the trenches.
  4. Now, he publishes a tweet -although after a few hours he deleted it- warning congressmen against changes, which she considers hasty to reform the Law of Council. By accounts because the new law seeks concentrate power totalitarian? By forming this Council with officials from the executive branch, subordinate by definition to the Presidency, when the JOH law, which subjugated the presidents of the other powers of the State and the public prosecutor, is repealed? and yes What concentrated the power? Which the US government never opposed! That is, what white is black and black, white? Why do you say so, Doña Laura?
  5. On account of what? Isn’t it an extreme, to telephone, Madam Ambassador, the representatives of the sovereign people, who are the friends Of the homelandto tell them let them see what they do? Where does the interference begin? Where is the line of respect, which must not be trampled? What can you promise the deputies Mrs.? dophoto-option at the Embassy party? A dinner with Biden at the White House? (Don Luis escapes to Stockholm to eat herring with vodka.)

In the fights of middle ground of the United States, the political atmosphere is overheating, between a republicanism that no longer managed to escape Trump and some Democrats still hooked on the exhaustion of Biden. Stock markets falter. Investment prospects against recession are debated. And the aggressive strategy of sanctions against China and its sovereignty and against Russia, in Ukraine, with imminent danger of catastrophes, is affirmed. Europe submits and prepares to endure the cold.

While in Latin America, US diplomacy seems perfectly frozen in a new cold War, stagnant. It concentrates on the increasingly unattainable goal of recomposing hegemony, through the interventionist affirmation in all the countries in which space seems to open up, combining the threat of the right punch with the offer of handouts from the left hand, in financial organizations. Its diplomats conspire against the constituted authority. They confront AMLO in Mexico, they also conspire in Argentina and Paraguay, and they are in Chile and Colombia, as if waiting for an opera buffa Godot, with a gallon, kepis and a chapita, what will come? in aid of democracy?

Meanwhile, in El Salvador, discreetly, without fanfare or frills, inspired by the new historical awareness of the Bicentennial, which is the Centennial of hegemony, a group of circumspect plenipotentiaries decide on the possibility of clearing up pettiness, rebuilding the system to rebuild a new Central America . High is the night. Morazan watches.

El Carmen, August 24, 2022, year of Liberation.

Mama, what does the gringo want?