Marvel Newsletter #149

Although September has arrived, it is clear that summer is not over yet. This week Marvel He has offered us little news, although among what we have there is some that has surprised us due to the unexpectedness of his proposal. Did anyone remember the Forgiven at this point in life? We of course not. Come and read!

  • The contents of the fifth and final issue of Edge of Spider-Verse revealed
  • Spiderman will reunite with a group of forgotten vampire heroes in the first chapter of Unforgiven
  • Marvel shows the contents of the special Miracleman #0
  • New Avengers Unlimited Arc Will Pit Avengers Against Kaiju
  • Author and publisher Sid Jacobson has passed away
  • Other news
  • The contents of the fifth and final issue of Edge of Spider-Verse revealed

    Marvel has shown us the contents of Edge of Spider-Verse #5, number with which the miniseries will close and in which three new arachnid characters will be officially presented. It will be available on October 5, 2022 and will feature the following creative teams:

    – The screenwriter Steve Foxe (X-Men ’92: House of XCII) and the cartoonist Kei Zama (transformers) will tell us about the origin of Web-Weaver, a fashion designer who works for Janet Van Dyne and is endowed with arachnid powers. Character has been designed by Kris Ankawhich will also offer us the variant cover included below these lines.
    Dan Slott, JM DeMatteis Y Bob McLeod They will handle the introduction story of Hunter-Spider, a Sergei Kravinoff variant with spider powers. Character has been designed by Mark Bagley.
    – Director Phil Lord (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and the cartoonist David Lopez (Captain Marvel) will introduce a new character called Syllie Spider of which we have not been offered details, although since Marvel They assure us that we will have to see it to believe it. Even the variant cover of Lopez for this number It has been kept hidden because it is considered a spoiler..

    Spiderman will reunite with a group of forgotten vampire heroes in the first chapter of Unforgiven

    The Forgiven are a group of vampires who debuted in the miniseries Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula in 2011 and since then they have had few appearances. Led by the Japanese-born vampire Raizo Kodo, the members of this group try to overcome their need for human blood and act as heroes. The next year, the screenwriter Tim Seeley (Spider-Gwen: Gwenverse) will recover these characters in a saga composed of three one-shots and titled Unforgiven. The first one-shot will be Spider-Man: Unforgivendrew by sid kotian (Gambit) and with cover of Kyle Hotz. In its pages, the Forgiven will team up with Spiderman to stop a new villain who wants vampires to unleash his most violent nature. The story will continue later in the one-shot X-Men: Unforgiven before concluding in Avengers: Unforgiven. All of them will be published in 2023.

    Spider-Man Unforgiven Marvel Newsletter

    Marvel shows the contents of the special Miracleman #0

    We had already talked before in our newsletter about Miracle Man #0, a special issue that will contain various stories dedicated to this character and that will serve to celebrate his 40th anniversary. It will go on sale on October 5, 2022 and these will be your contents:

    Ryan Stegman (Venom) will be in charge of writing and drawing a story in which Young Miracleman will face a classic Miracleman villain: Big Ben.
    – The screenwriter Mike Carey (X-Men Legacy) and the cartoonist Paul Davidson (Spirits of Vengeance: Spirit Rider) will introduce us to a new Warpsmith and show us how dangerous Miracleman’s quasi-divine powers can be in a story set in space.
    – The artist Peach Momoko (Demon Days) will explore the cost of Miracleman’s power by taking us on a terrifying journey into the unknown.
    – The screenwriter Jason Aaron (avengers) and the cartoonist Leinil Francis Yu (X Men) will tell us about the encounter between Miracleman and… his creator?
    – The artist Ty Templeton (Edge of Spider-Verse) will examine Miracleman’s impact on the world through a series of comic strips.
    – The screenwriter Neil Gaman and the cartoonist Mark Buckingham will offer us a preview of the new chapter of Miracleman that will start next October in the pages of Miracleman: The Silver Age #1. A page can be seen below.

    Miracleman #0 Marvel Newsletter

    New Avengers Unlimited Arc Will Pit Avengers Against Kaiju

    The new bow Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic its titled Kaiju War and run by the writer Murewa Ayodele and the cartoonist Dotun Akande. The two had previously collaborated on an anthology story Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood. It is a story in five parts in which a group of Avengers (Captain Marvel, Iron Man, War Machine, Ironheart and Captain America) will be involved in an intergalactic conflict on a distant alien world. It should be noted that they will soon find themselves fighting against enemies of gigantic size. Kaiju War Starts at Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #9already available in the app Marvel Unlimited.

    Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic Kaiju War Marvel Newsletter

    Author and publisher Sid Jacobson has passed away

    These days we have known that Sidney Jacobson He passed away on July 23 at the age of 92. Jacobson was born in 1929 and grew up during the Great Depression. He trained as a journalist before entering the world of comics during the 1950s. He was part of harvey comics for three decades and had the opportunity to work with the most popular characters of this editorial, such as Casper the ghost, Richie Rich or Wendy the good little witch. During those years she met the artist Ernie Colonwho became his regular collaborator when he went to work for Star Comicsthe line of children’s comics Marvel. Since 1984, the seal Star Comics published titles like Planet Terry, top-dog, wally the wizard either Star Wars: Droidsmany of them edited and written by Jacobson. It was within this imprint that the character of Peter Porker, the amazing Spider-Ham, was born. collaborations between Jacobson Y Colon They also included comic book adaptations of audiovisual products such as Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, The Muppets Take Manhattan either labyrinth. However, the most remembered works of Jacobson belong to its most mature and journalistic side, as 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation either Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography. Marvel said goodbye to the author with this article about his many contributions. Rest in peace.

    Sid Jacobson Marvel Newsletter

    Other news

  • Readers of the recently published Amazing Fantasy #1000 They will have already realized that one of their stories is a tribute to the late editor Mike Pasciullowho worked in Marvel for more than twenty-five years.
  • Talking about Amazing Fantasy #1000the arachnid editor Nick Lowe has been on the podcast Marvel’s Pull List speaking in detail about this commemorative issue.
  • Marvel celebrated on September 1 Letterer Appreciation Day, a day dedicated to learning more about the work of sign makers. He did it by posting this article on the importance of labeling in graphic narration. Over the next few days he will publish several interviews on his website with some of his most outstanding sign makers, starting by Chris Eliopouloswho has worked on headers such as X-Men/Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-Men, The Totally Awesome Hulk either All New Wolverine.
  • The novel has been announced Black Panther: Uprisingthe third installment in the saga for young adult readers that began in Black Panther: The Young Prince and continued in Black Panther: Spellbound. It will be available from September 6, 2022.
  • Marvel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Luke Cage with this variant cover made by J. Scott Campbell.
  • The drawer Tradd Moore Has published your design sheets for your new project, Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise.
  • The artists of NetEasemobile game developer Marvel Duelthey will be in charge of launching a series of variant covers with the versions of the marvelite characters that can be found in said title.
  • John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada Y Humberto Ramos they speak in this video about the challenges and difficulties involved in drawing Spiderman.
  • The editor Tom Brevort speak in this other video about some of the upcoming releases of Marvelamong them All Out Avengers and the relaunch of Fantastic Four.
  • The screenwriter Kieron Gillen speak in this interview about the return of Starfox, about his troubled past and about the new approach he wants to give to his powers. Gillen also ensures that AX: Judgment Day It is the climax of his stage in Eternals and that he is still not sure that he will continue in the series after the end of the event.
  • The screenwriter Al Ewing speak in this other interview about the devastating consequences of the Eternals’ attack on Arakko during Judgment Day.
  • the screenwriter Leah-Williams answer some questions about X Terminators in this other interview. What kind of music would characters like Dazzler or Lila Cheney listen to?
  • The screenwriter Benjamin Percy talks about the upcoming encounter between Ghost Rider and Wolverine in this last interview.
  • The artist alex ross will publish a making-of of his most recent work, Fantastic Four: Full Circle, on your channel Youtube.
  • Marvel Newsletter #149