Marvel Newsletter #164

Once again, it is time to review the news that you have offered us Marvel during the last seven days. We are approaching the final stretch of the year and the publisher already has its sights set on the first months of 2023, in which we will see the debut of the new cartoonist of the Veneno collection, the return of The X-Cellent or the publication of a new miniseries starring Adam Warlock. Come by and read!

  • New Venom Artist Announced
  • The X-Cellent will return as a miniseries
  • Adam Warlock will star in a limited series in 2023
  • The one-shot X-Men Unforgiven will pit Jubilee and Wolverine against the vampires
  • Rob Liefeld is in charge of a new miniseries of Massacre
  • Marvel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Howard the Duck with a series of variant covers
  • The artist Elena Casagrande prepares a collection of thirteen interconnected covers dedicated to the women of Marvel
  • Announced a new series of the franchise Predator
  • Red Goblin Trailer #1
  • Monica Rambeau Trailer: Photon #1
  • Rest of news
  • New Venom Artist Announced

    Last week we learned that the cartoonist Bryan Hitch left the regular series of Venom what do they write Al Ewing Y Ram V. This week we have met who will be his replacement: CAFU (Valkyrie: Jane Foster, Hombre de Hierro), who has recently signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, will be the new artist venom from number 17. However, it seems that Hitch he will continue drawing the main covers of the collection. Under these lines we can see the variant cover of CAFU for Venom #17post-event number Dark Web in which Eddie Brock will return to the Garden of Time to once again face the fearsome Bedlam. Venom #17 will be available on March 1, 2023.

    The X-Cellent will return as a miniseries

    A few months ago we found out that The X-Cellentspiritual sequel to the classic X-Statix, was paused after the publication of its fifth issue. Now Marvel has confirmed that the header will return as a five-issue miniseries that will continue the events of the previous volume by the hand of the same creative team: script of Peter Milligana drawing of Mike Allred and color of Laura Allred. Zeitgeist and his gang of villains continue their plan for absolute social media success, but the battle for popularity takes a turn for the worse when he introduces a new generation of X-Statix ​​members. The X-Cellent #1 (of 5) will hit bookstores on March 15, 2023.

    The X-Cellent Marvel Newsletter

    Adam Warlock will star in a limited series in 2023

    After the good reception of the miniseries Silver Surfer: Rebirththe screenwriter rum marz and the cartoonist rum lim will meet again in a five-issue limited series starring another character from the cosmic environment of Marvel: Adam Warlock. It will be set in the past, in the character’s early years as a cosmic adventurer, and will be accessible to new readers. In addition to exploring the origin of Adam Warlock himself, the series will feature old acquaintances like Genis-Vell, Pip the Troll, and Gamora. It will also introduce a new character related to the legacy of Adam Warlock. Created to be the perfect human specimen, Adam has since faced threats like Thanos, the Universal Church of Truth, and the Magus, but what happens when he meets someone who claims to be the next evolution of Adam Warlock? Adam Warlock: Rebirth #1 (of 5) will be published on April 19, 2023.

    Warlock Rebirth Marvel Newsletter

    The one-shot X-Men Unforgiven will pit Jubilee and Wolverine against the vampires

    The Forgiven, the group of vampires that debuted in the miniseries Fear Itself: Hulk Vs Dracula from 2011, will return next year in a series of three one-shots that aims to explore the place of bloodsuckers in the Marvel Universe. We had already talked in our newsletter about the first of these one-shots, Spider-Man: Unforgivenwritten by Tim Seeley (Spider Gwen: Gwenverse) and drawn by sid kotian (gambit), which will be released on March 1, 2023. We now have information about the second one-shot, titled X-Men: Unforgiven. It will feature the same creative team and will see ex-vamp Jubilee and her colleague Wolverine teaming up with the Unforgiven to stop the former Sorceress Supreme Salome from making every vampire on the planet unleash her bloodlust. . X-Men: Unforgiven will be released on March 28, 2023. The story will close later with the publication of the third installment, Avengers: Unforgiven.

    X-Men Unforgiven Marvel Newsletter

    Rob Liefeld is in charge of a new miniseries of Massacre

    He recently completed the publication in serialized format of Deadpool: Bad Bloodgraphic novel starring Massacre and made by Rob Liefeld, chris sims Y Chad Bowers in 2017. Now Marvel has confirmed that this story will have a sequel made entirely by Rob Liefeld, co-creator of the character. titled Deadpool: Badder Blood, it is a limited series of five issues in which we will see Deadpool teaming up with the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Cable to face a dangerous new villain. Several characters designed by liefeld and that respond to names as peculiar as Shatterstorm, Killville and Arcata. Deadpool: Badder Blood #1 (of 5) will go on sale in June 2023.

    Deadpool Badder Blood Rob Liefeld Marvel Newsletter

    Marvel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Howard the Duck with a series of variant covers

    Howard the Duck, the satirical character created by Steve Gerber Y val mayerik in 1973, it will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year and Marvel will launch a series of variant covers to commemorate it. They will be made by authors such as David Talaski, Carlos Gomez, Cory Smith Y rum lim and they will show us Howard snatching the Infinity Gauntlet from Adam Warlock or launching into action with the Black Cat and Mary Jane. These variant covers will be released during the months of February, March and April 2023 across various collections.

    Howard the Duck Marvel Newsletter

    The artist Elena Casagrande prepares a collection of thirteen interconnected covers dedicated to the women of Marvel

    Stormbreaker and Eisner Award winner for her work on Black Widow Elena Casagrande is preparing a series of thirteen interconnected covers starring female characters from the publisher: Scarlet Witch, Storm, Captain Marvel, Silk, Rogue, Ghost-Spider, Spiderwoman, Valkyrie, América Chávez, Shuri, Mental Butterfly, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel. Here we can see a first preview of the image that the thirteen covers will form once completed. All of them will be published throughout 2023, starting with the cover dedicated to the Scarlet Witch that can be seen below.

    Scarlet Witch Elena Casagrande Women of Marvel Marvel Newsletter

    Announced a new series of the franchise Predator

    It started a few months ago predatorcollection written by ed brisson and drawn by Kev Walker which introduced us to the character of Theta Berwick, a girl who lost her family to the alien Predators, the Yautja, and has dedicated her life to hunting them down. The first arc of it will span six issues, ending next January. However, Theta’s journey will continue in a new series that will start in 2023. ed brisson will continue to be the scriptwriter, although this time the cartoonist will be Netho Diaz (Legion of X). Giuseppe Camuncoli will take care of the covers. The argument will be located years after the previous collection. Eight strangers, including Theta Berwick, find themselves on a planet far from Earth, locked in a deadly game and hunted by three Predators, each with specific abilities and distinctive use of their weapons. However, this time the Yautja are not the only hunters present in the game. predator #1 It will arrive on March 8, 2023.

    Predator 2023 Marvel Newsletter

    Red Goblin Trailer #1

    As we already knew, Normie Osborn and his symbiote will have their own header starting next year. The series, written by alex paknadel and drawn by Jan Bazalduais being promoted with the trailer that we include below these lines and that helps us to get an idea of ​​what we can expect from the return of the Red Goblin. Goblin Network #1 It will arrive on February 8, 2023.

    Monica Rambeau Trailer: Photon #1

    Last week the first installment of the miniseries starring Monica Rambeau, former Captain Marvel and current Photon, hit stores. This number, written by Eve L Ewing and drawn by luca marescahas the presence of Spiderman and Doctor Strange, as can be seen in this promotional trailer.

    Rest of news

  • We had spent a while without knowing anything about Clobbering’ Timethe miniseries dedicated to the Thing the artist is working on Steve Skroce. Indeed, his first number has been delayed to March 2023.
  • The drawer J Scott Campbell offers us another of its commemorative covers: this time it is the turn of the cover celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ghost Rider.
  • the website of Marvel continues to celebrate the centenary of Stan Lee with various items. This first article review the collaborations of read with other authors like Jack Kirby, steve ditko, John Romita either Mobiuswhile this second collects some of the most memorable quotes from read in his famous column Stan’s Soapbox.
  • Marc Sumerak Y Jonah Lobecreators of the illustrated book Marvel Anatomy: A Scientific Study of the Superhumantell us about the project and how it is inspired by real scientific facts in this first interview.
  • Danny Loreresponsible for writing the future miniseries Bloodline: Daughter of Bladetells us about the process of creating the daughter of Blade and about his plans for the character in this second interview.
  • J Holthamwriter of the upcoming limited series Bishop: War Collegetells us about the alternative time line in which his plot is located and how it relates to the current Krakoan stage of the X-Men in this third interview.
  • The screenwriter Kieron Gillen talk about sins of sinister in this fourth interviewwhich is loaded with clues about Mister Sinister’s plans and the effect they will have on mutants in the alternate future that will be narrated in this new event.
  • The screenwriter Al Ewing speak in this fifth interview on Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutantsthe collection starring Tormenta within the framework of sins of sinister. In addition to giving us clues about the presence of Sinister in its pages, Ewing introduces some of the characters that will accompany Storm in the title, including the mysterious Ironfire.
  • the scriptwriters Christopher Cantwell, Gerry Duggan Y Al Ewing they talk about the arachnid event Dark Web in this last interview. They mention their connections with hellwith the infamous Clone Saga and with the future Summer of Symbiotes.
  • Although the publisher has not yet officially confirmed it, the publisher himself Greg Capullo has said in a podcast that will return to work for Marvel coming soon; first as a cover artist and then as a cartoonist for a new project. Will it be next to Donny Cates, as the authors insinuated on social networks last week? We will continue to report on this story when we know more.
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