Merlina: creators explain why they solved all the mysteries in the first season

Merlina: creators explain why they solved all the mysteries in the first season

Merlin (69%) it became one of the most popular series on Netflix despite the criticism it received from experts a few days before its premiere. The proposal sought to be more of a mystery story than anything else, but the adolescent theme gave it a good atmosphere to conquer the youthful public that likes this dark trend that has already been used in Riverdale (85%), Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (90%) Y One of Us is Lying, which also belongs to the streaming service. The project led by Jenna Ortega has great chances to get a second season and the creators explained a bit more about the build up of the first season and why they will work a new mystery for the second.

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merlin is an Addams Family spin-off that focuses on the only daughter. Merlina, who has strange tendencies and very violent thoughts, in the series takes on a supernatural touch when it is confirmed that she has psychic powers that allow her to see small moments of the future. Of course, she doesn’t know how to handle them and doesn’t fully understand their importance, which causes a lot of trouble when she tries to depend on them to solve the mystery that haunts her at Nevermore Academy. In the end, a good part of the story also develops as a coming of age in which the protagonist understands better who she is and what she wants to achieve in the future.

The series begins with the protagonist being expelled from school for attacking players who bother her younger brother. Her parents believe that the best, and at this point, only option is to go to the institution where they met and studied. Unlike other schools, Nevermore Academy welcomes teenagers with special abilities or who have mythological roots such as vampires or mermaids. Despite being a place that could easily receive her, Merlina despises what the school represents because of the expectations generated by her mother, and so, despite being like them, Merlina remains a figure that feels out of place.

As she tries to escape from the school, several murders happen around her and she ends up personally involved. In the process she makes unexpected friends, forms unimaginable alliances, learns a little more about herself and even begins to think about the possibility of having a partner and opening up emotionally to other people to live the classic teenage life. She also discovers her parents’ dark secrets and recognizes that family is the most loyal environment she could ask for.

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For many, Jenna Ortega She is the one who carries the entire series and even those who have harshly criticized her only have good words for the actress. The thing is, not everyone was very pleased with the mystery as such and the way the final reveal unfolds, becoming quite predictable for some and genuinely a surprise to others. Alfred Gough Y thousands thousand they spoke for The Hollywood Reporter about their expectations for this first mystery with which they hope to leave good foundations for more seasons. Miller commented:

So we finished all eight episodes, and then we could make sure all the red herrings were there, and it felt like a complete mystery, but then we didn’t know it was going to work until a real audience saw it. […] Then when we chose Christina [Ricci]it was like: ‘Oh,[ella] will be the guest star, who is clearly the bad guy?’ which is often the case. But it’s very gratifying to hear that people were really interested in the mystery and that the red herrings were working. She could be that person. It could be that other person. That’s literally the most satisfying thing about the show for us. This is what worried us the most.

The idea was to solve the big mystery and not leave loose ends to focus on something totally new for the next season:

Well, I think for us, it’s always about feeling like the season, because there’s only eight episodes, sits like a book, so it feels complete and really satisfying. When you get to the end of a series, you want to feel satisfied that the whole story is being told. It’s about tying up those loose ends, and then you want expectations and cliffhanger questions for the next season, but really wrapping up this mystery so we can really start with a whole new mystery next season.

After everything is perfectly explained and resolved, the last minutes of the season finale show the way for the possible mystery of the next episodes, since it seems that someone has the protagonist under surveillance, although it is still not clear what he wants from her or why. what does it do in the first place. merlin It’s not yet renewed for a second season, but considering the numbers it’s given Netflix it’s almost certain they’ll approve the plans. In fact, the confirmation could come at the beginning of the year to convince subscribers to stay on the platform a little longer.

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Merlina: creators explain why they solved all the mysteries in the first season