“Milk Teeth”

Legend has it that every hundred years the Flying Fox chooses a Vampire from among those belonging to the most ancient dynasties and entrusts him with a truly delicate task: to become a father. Bela is a prince of darkness, he has a deep respect for vampire traditions and has always detested brats who cry and need attention. But the Flying Fox ignores all of this, otherwise she would never have left that toothless bundle of Vali on his doorstep to claim food and affection.

Milk Teeth, the story of Vampires starring little Vali and his father Bela, will arrive in bookstores and online stores in December with Bakemono Lab.

Written by Luca Ruocco, Milk Teeth is a book designed for younger horror friends, but it can also be a curious read for the most seasoned millennial Vampires!

A short novel that is an approach to the world of darkness, horror and monsters, which tells the non-life of the princes of darkness with irony, lightness and a little nonsense, but which is also and above all a journey of discovery and growth for young readers who, together with little Vali, will discover that “There are no wrong Vampires, only unique Vampires.”

Denti da Latte is in bookstores and on all online stores from 1 December and can also be purchased on the website of the Bakemono Lab publishing house at this link: https://www.bakemonolab.com/prodotto/denti-da-latte/https://www.bakemonolab.com/prodotto/milk-teeth/ .

The author and the publisher will officially present it to the public on Sunday 11 December at 4.00 pm in Rome, within the “Più Libri Più Liberi” event, stand f08.

The cover illustrations of the book are made by Stefano Tambellini, illustrator of children’s books and director of animated films. The preface is by one of the most authoritative voices of Italian horror literature: Paolo Di Orazio.

Luca Ruocco is a screenwriter, performer, director and film critic. In 1999 he founded with Ivan Talarico the theater company DoppioSenso Unico. In 2010 he founded the portal dedicated to cinema and genre culture InGenereCinema.com, which he still directs. For Bugs Comics he is the writer of the comic magazine Monsters, Aliens and Gangsters. In 2016 he wrote and directed with Marcello Rossi the documentary Dylan Dog – 30 years of nightmares, produced by Studio Universal in collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore.

From 2012 to 2017 he was part of the Fantafestival staff as organizer and selector of the films and short films in competition. In 2018 he was the artistic director of the Roman event dedicated to fantastic cinema and horror and sci-fi culture.

In 2019 he is the creator and screenwriter of the format Il Giro dell’Horror, a docu-series dedicated to made in Italy horror, of which he is also the main interpreter. Since 2020 he has been on the editorial board of Heroes International Film Festival.

Bakemono Lab Edizioni is a publishing house that draws its dark veins from the world fairy-tale tradition, from the language of comics, from pop surrealism and from the cinematographic universe. In his editorial life he has given life over the years to a hybrid narrative style made of shadows and ink, proposing alternative reading paths. In the catalog of his publications essays on cinema, illustrated and fiction.

“Milk Teeth” – Luca Ruocco tells the Vampires to the little horror friends!