Movie stars who love video games, from Henry Cavill to Megan Fox

In Hollywood there are many fans who, between one blockbuster in the cinema and the next, play video games. Here are the best known cases.

Maybe they are famous for their roles on the big screen, but these movie star they are human just like all of us. And, just like most people on the planet, most of them got their hands on some video game at some point in their life.

From cinema to video games, fans from Hollywood –

We’ve compiled a top ten of movie stars who are just as much a fan of video games as some of the gods most hardcore gamers in the world, so you can see what they like to play in their spare time. Read on to discover the most passionate actors and actresses.

Henry Cavill –

Known for his roles as Superman and Geralt in The Witcher, it makes sense that actor Henry Cavill is a video game enthusiast. At talk shows, they may laugh at him and all the time he already devotes to talking about his love for Warhammer, but gamers all over the world have been fascinated by videos in which he assembles a gaming PC with only a vest on.

Besides being a huge fan of The Witcher video games – he said he played all Wild Hunt twice – he also loves World of Warcraft and Total War. He admitted that he is not a pro gamer due to the time it takes for him to work, but he said he certainly plays more games than the average user does.

Robin Williams –

Known and loved for his comedic roles in films such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji and Aladdin, Robin Williams is also known for his love of Nintendo video games. In particular, he was so taken with the first The Legend of Zelda that, while he played it with his wife during her pregnancy, the two decided to name their little girl after the princess.

Growing up, Zelda Williams also became a huge fan of gaming, often playing the series with her daughter. The pair advertised the remake of Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword for Nintendo in a series of television commercials. Zelda has even worked in video games, lending her voice to King’s Quest and The Last Worker, the latter of which is soon to be released.

Snoop Dogg –

Rapper Snoop Dogg is known both for his roles in films such as Starsky and Hutch, and Scary Movie, as well as for his love of video games. He has appeared at The Game Awards and is even a member of an esports team, the FaZe Clan, so much so that he loves FPS.

cinema video games

He has also appeared in a number of games, starting with Def Jam: Fight for NY (2004), a very popular fighting game at the time with several popular rappers. More recently he has entered the world of Call of Duty as a playable character, so you can venture into your multiplayer games just like Snoop Dogg does.

Megan Fox –

Headlining the headlines thanks to the Transformers franchise, Megan Fox still loves having a little game from time to time. She mainly enjoys online PvP games, although her favorite pastime is destroying her partner in Mortal Kombat.

She also claims to be a huge Halo fan, with her favorite chapter of the series being Reach. While she took part in a Fortnite tournament against DJ Khaled, she admitted that she is not super familiar with the battle royale genre. However, using her knowledge of her FPS, she absolutely destroyed Khaled, who in her day doubted even a girl could play video games.

John Cena –

Known primarily as a wrestler, John Cena is still a successful actor, with major roles in Fast & Furious and Suicide Squad. Not only did Cena take part in the “Nintendo Switch in Unexpected Places” promotional campaign playing Breath of the Wild, but he also spoke to executives, apparently, during filming.

John Cena

According to rumor, Cena would have begged Nintendo executives to approve a new Metroid 2 because of his love for Super Metroid on SNES. His dream obviously came true in 2021, when Metroid Dread was released, but who knows if Cena’s words really had an impact.

Ben Schwartz –

We don’t think being a gamer was one of the prerequisites to take the part of Sonic in the movies, but it certainly was an added bonus for Ben Schwartz. In an interview, he called Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI two of the best games of all time, stating that he “loves RPGs”.

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Schwartz even remembers cheat codes from old games like Contra and the classic Konami code, while also sharing his love of Goldeneye with Sonic co-star James Marsden. He’s only voiced a video game once, though, and he’s the tie-in to the movie Turbo. By pure coincidence, Snoop Dogg also took part in the project.

Mila Kunis –

Mila Kunis is well known for films such as The Black Swan and Jupiter – The Destiny of the Universe, but is less famous for her passion for World of Warcraft. She admits that she has become very good, and that she has devoted a large part of her time to online role-playing. She even admitted that she was sometimes so immersed that a whole day went by without her noticing.

Sadly, he says he left his guild after fans figured out his World of Warcraft account from voice chat. Originally, he played his alternate character without using a microphone, but he says he ditched that account as well. She has now moved on to Call of Duty, Civilization and Mario Party, although she plays a lot less with her when she became a mom.

Zac Efron –

The High School Musical star is apparently synonymous with gaming among his friends. She even attended and ended up hosting the Halo 3 launch party in Los Angeles. The hosts asked him to stay after he played the new title, before the launch, until midnight at the event venue.

cinema video games

His ex-girlfriend and co-star Vanessa Hutchinson had no problems initially with her boyfriend’s passion, so much so that she bought him an Xbox 360 and a selection of games for Christmas. However, she looks like she soon got tired of being ignored by him when she couldn’t play it together.

Christina Aguilera –

Another Nintendo fan, Christina Aguilera – known for her songs – also appeared in Burlesque and Emoji: Turn Up the Emotions. In an interview, she said of her childhood: “I played Nintendo’s NES, and I think it was the first time Mario, Donkey Kong appeared.”

Her past with the company led Nintendo to choose her as a spokesperson for the Nintendo Switch families. A mother of two, she still enjoys playing party games with them, including Mario Kart and Among Us. She also said she was a Pokémon fan, and that she liked Pokémon Legends: Arceus a lot earlier this year.

Robert Pattinson –

He’s played everyone from centennial vampires in Twilight to the darkest Batman ever, but the role people don’t really see him in is that of gamer. In an interview, Robert Pattinson explained how much he is a huge fan of the JRPG, especially of Final Fantasy VII.

Robert Pattinson

Apparently, the choice between Tifa and Aerith was one of those things that impressed him the most in life. But which of the two do you prefer? Pattinson said that “one of the few times I cried in my life was when Aerith died. My first love”. It may not be everyone’s choice, but kudos to Robert for his passion for it.

Written by Georgina Young for GLHF

Movie stars who love video games, from Henry Cavill to Megan Fox