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Merry Christmas from the DC section to all of our regular commenters and readers! I hope that Santa Clavos has brought you many gifts.

DCeased. War of the Undead Gods 3 It is the best number of those that we carry as standard. Partly because something is finally happening and there is some drama.

-From zombies to vampires. With DC vs. Vampires – All-Out War #6 Finally this nightmare ends. That of the readers, not that of the heroes.

GCPD. The Blue Wall #3 centers on Renee Montoya and Dos Caras, two personalities tormented by ghosts.

Batman vs. Robin #4

The conclusion before lazarus planet.

But it will be after the final battle between father and son.

Finally, Batman takes over Doctor Fate’s helmet and frees his son.

Then he falls into a dimension that he could have drawn Ditko.

Batman can not with Nezha and is killed. Fortunately, his allies manage to resurrect him… but the helmet of Doctor Fate also falls into the Lazarus pit and the pit of God is Christ is armed.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #10

Plus Mark Waid this week.

Boy Thunder has been tickling the Joker and that spells trouble. Shady issues.

how well he draws Dan Mora. His friends set out to save him but things are going to get a little weird from this point on.

Spoiler Warning

What happened to Superman’s assistant? You won’t believe the answer. I have to put the following between spoilers. Waid, at your feet (again).

It turns out that Boy Thunder lost his mind from being tortured by the Joker.

Over the years he grew up and became Magog, Superman’s nemesis in Kingdom Come.

So, with a sleight of hand, Waid has introduced us to the origin of the Kingdom Come world and its main villain.

By the way, you can read here the wonderful review of angel garcia from the first issue of this amazing series.

Dark Crisis #7

The cover of this number is quite curious.

He doesn’t just cast Nightwing as some kind of messiah (which isn’t unusual, given that he’s the only character bringing DC any joy).

Over Nightwing overlap the words Dawn of D.C.. It gives the sensation of improvisation, of little idea worked. A last minute cover, perhaps? Could be. Nothing surprises me anymore.

The biggest battle of all time (of course, of course) may take place abroad…

…but also indoors. Deathstroke says that it was always about him and Dick. Well williamson He has been dizzying the partridge with other things for a few years now. Get clear, Slade.

Black Adam turns all the heroes into mini-black adams because he’s cool and then he beats the coppers with Slade.

The ending is riddled with inconsistencies. Slade gives up because potato and then turns up completely broken in some kind of prison.

A mysterious shadow stalks him. It turns out that Amanda Waller wants to destroy all metahumans.

Nightwing #99

I bet you (just like me) can’t wait to read Nightwing #100.

I have a feeling that a great tragedy is hanging over Dick’s life. Meanwhile, with Blockbuster out of the picture, the crime families try to take over Blüdhaven. It’s time for Tony Zucco to come back.

His daughter, Melinda, is not happy. But Tony doesn’t come alone:

What’s its purpose? Rob the Maroni bank.

Something mysterious and esoteric surrounds the Maroni. Zucco ends up in jail…

…but that doesn’t mean the threats are over. The KGBeast and Heartless bide their time.

Stargirl: The Lost Children #2

This week it’s all about youth helpers lost in time.

Geoff Johns continues with his revisionist macro-history of the Golden Age. So, welcome to the arrow-cave.

Stargil and Red Arrow arrive on Orphan Island and run into Wing…and a talking robotic dog? WTF.

The cover of the week is…Nightwing #99

The question of the week is…

How do you rate Dark Crisis globally?

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