Olite, Beraiz, Ujué and Otazu premiere tomorrow as the sets for the Vampire Academy series in the US.

The North American fiction series Vampire Academy -shot in the Comunidad Foral de Navarra between September 2021 and March 2022 with an impact on territory that exceeds 10 million euros-, premieres its first season in the US tomorrow. There, the The public will be able to visit numerous Navarrese locations, such as the Olite castle, the Santa María de Irache Monastery, the town of Ujué or the Lordship of Beraiz.

The ten episodes that are part of the first season can be seen exclusively on Peacock TV, the streaming service owned by NBC Universal in the United States. In Spain, on the other hand, it will be necessary to wait for the announcement of its broadcast on one of the fiction platforms.

Among the Navarran locations -in whose selection the production company has worked hand in hand with the Navarra FilmCommission- the city of Olite stands out. Municipality that, in addition, has been the center of operations for the production company Calle Academia, in charge of the executive production of the project.

The filming team was installed in Olite for more than half a year. Specifically, in the Convent of San Francisco, located in the center of the municipality. Its streets and churches are also protagonists in the series and, above all, the Royal Palace of Olite: one of the most important heritage buildings in Navarra, built between the 13th and 14th centuries that formed part of the headquarters of the Court of the Kingdom of Navarra from the reign of Carlos III “the Noble”.

Castles, monasteries and medieval villages populated by vampires

Throughout the chapters, the plot will also take place in the Señorío de Beraiz, an extensive estate near Pamplona that has allowed the production company to place the action in a fairy-tale setting, with a jetty, a lake, an old palace of the XII century and the hermitage of San Pedro, Romanesque style.

Another of the spaces selected by the team of locators of the American series has been the Monastery of Santa María de Irache, which is becoming a recurring space in many audiovisual projects, such as the three seasons of the series “El internado: Las Cumbres “, produced by Atresmedia Studios and MediaPro Studio for Amazon and whose final season premiere is expected in 2023. This monastery, surrounded by vineyards, hides a multitude of stories. Run by the Benedictines, it has been used as a hospital for pilgrims -because it is located on the Camino de Santiago itself-, a training center, a war hospital and even a university.

The series will also show the international public small towns such as Ujué, chosen for its character as a medieval town; Bodegas Otazu – which includes several historic buildings such as a Renaissance palace, the church of San Esteban de Otazu or a dovecote tower from the 14th century; or the Fort of Alfonso XII, an old military fortress located on Mount San Cristóbal.

The choice of Navarra as the main setting for this series has been possible due to the concurrence of valuable services provided in the territory by the different agents of the provincial audiovisual sector, hand in hand with the Departments of Culture, Finance and Economic Development of the Government of Navarra.

Olite, Beraiz, Ujué and Otazu premiere tomorrow as the sets for the Vampire Academy series in the US.