Pordenonelegge, the 2022 edition will mark “the year of rebirth”

The literary festival Pordenoneleggbook festival with the authors, scheduled from 14 to 18 September, this year starts with a Preview, Thursday 8 September, streaming from the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague, to rediscover the suggestions that strengthen the bond with the roots democracy of Europe, in the city of a “spring” that remains emblematic and identifying for the peoples of the continent.

The preview dedicated to Prague

The inspiring motif of the Preview dedicated to “Prague myth, Prague reality. Crossroads of memory between history and literature “will be developed through a dialogue between the Italian writer Emanuele Trevi, author of Prague 1990, the path of hope and the Executive Director of the Václav Havel Library Michael Žantovský, former spokesman for the President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, distinguished author and playwright. The event, presented by Fabrizio Iurlano Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Vienna and by the artistic director of pordenonelegge Gian Mario Villalta, will take place in Italian and Czech, with simultaneous translation.

Promoted in synergy with Friulovest Banca and with the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague and the Czech Center in Milan, the Pordenonelegge Preview will converge on the opening day, Wednesday 14 September, with the events entrusted to six great voices of our time , always on the red line Pordenone – Prague: we start with the Czech writer Radka Denemarková and the Italian author Silvia Avallone, interviewed by Alessandro Catalano and engaged in the “Dialogue on the present, on the edge of Europe”. In Trieste we continue with the writers Josef Pánek and Mauro Covacich on the red line “With the body here, with the mind everywhere”. And again on Wednesday 14 September, from Lignano Sabbiadoro spotlight on the dialogue “In search of true stories”, with Markéta Pilátová and Matteo Bussola.

An ear to remember the war in Ukraine

“The symbol chosen for the XXIII edition – says Gianmario Villalta artistic director of the event is the ear of corn to symbolize the hope and awareness of what is happening in Ukraine”. Precisely for this reason the festival will focus on the tragic situation of the war, with a series of meetings dedicated to geopolitics and with particular attention, in addition to fictional literature, to emerging issues of our contemporary world.

Of great importance is the awarding of the Crédit Agricole FriulAdria Prize to Jhumpa Lahiri The story in a novel, because “he was able to tell the dismay, the rootedness and the strangeness. Extraordinary then the choice of her to write in Italian, in the language of Dante, which allows her a purer contact with the soul and with the reality that surrounds her, a choice that is also a comparison with the entire history of our literature. “. Furthermore, on the opening night of the festival, the winner of the Campiello Prize, Bernardo Zannoni, will be present, an event by now of tradition to cement the collaboration between the two events.

An inclusive look at contemporary literature

We begin Roberto Saviano who will present his latest novel dedicated to Giovanni Falcone: a very high song of loneliness and the courage of the judge. Gianrico Carofiglio with his novel will instead deliver us a human adventure that goes well beyond noir with an epic and dolent character. , An investigation into untouchable public personalities, digging into the gears of Italian power, will be at the center of the meeting with Maurizio De Giovanni. Always on the trail of the detective story, Carlo Lucarelli will propose a history of murder from the French Revolution to the present day; and Loriano Macchiavelli will tell one of the most opaque pages of recent Italian history: Ustica.

Antonio Scurati will propose instead the third fictional chapter dedicated to M, or Benito Mussolini. While Daria Bignardi will confess in an intimate way, narrating the reckless and tireless adventure of knowing oneself through one’s own shadows. Nadia Terranova will take us to experience the Messina earthquake of 1908.. Another catastrophic event, the eruption of Vesuvius, will be at the center of the meeting with Valeria Parrella, the story of when incandescent stones and ash rain down from the sky and every reference point is lost. Ancient world also for Gianfranco Turano who sets his novel during the war between Athens and Sparta with prodigious capacity for re-enactment.

Chiara Valerio will instead tell a story of vampires, between Rome and Venice, where eternity and immortality stand out in all their differences. While Viola Ardone will meet the students to talk about her very successful novel Oliva Denaro. Still women will be the protagonists of Ilaria Tuti’s novel: the first female surgeons, a handful of pioneers who were barred from practicing in the operating room, who decided to open a war hospital in France and to conclude Anilda Ibrahimi will present a novel about models feminine to be embodied and overturned, on the pitfalls of belonging and memory, on the importance of remaining faithful to what we have become.

Alessandra Pavan

Pordenonelegge, the 2022 edition will mark “the year of rebirth”