Rafa Sánchez: “With the new solo album I have tried not to mislead my followers” | Popes80

How are you right now?
Phenomenal, very happy with the moment I’m living.

What balance do you make of the tour? werewolf tour?
A very positive balance. As I am the author or co-author of all the songs of La Unión, that is what keeps me going live, while at the same time I am introducing the new songs that I have composed for my solo album that I have already released. dress up princess, vampires, Again and again, the blue sky Y looking for lovewith the collaboration of David Casamayor

You are currently presenting your cultural project BiographyHow is that adventure going?
A very nice experience. It is a concert for small halls, although more for theaters. When the show ends, and some people enter the dressing room, they define it as very elegant. Even if during the show, in the middle of a song, they applaud you, that means they’re liking it. During the two long hours that the show lasts, the audience is vibrating. I am very happy with Biography.

What will we find in Biography?
It is a chronological musical tour of the songs of La Unión during which I tell how my life changed song by song, album by album. I talk about everything, from my moment with drugs when it comes to assuming my sexual orientation. In summary, I talk about how my life has progressed in all these years with La Unión and I also introduce, because they are relevant, songs from this new era.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a microphone?
Very young, I was about 16 years old and it was at the end-of-year festivals. Then I had a group called Quick, with that group we did some performances and we even performed at an edition of the Villa de Madrid contest festival. Later I was in a couple of groups that didn’t get to do much until, suddenly, I met Luis Bolín -who I knew from when he was leaving a group that I was joining-. It was one night at El Cascanueces, a very typical bar of the scene, I told him that he was looking for people to form a group and he told me that he had an instrumental group and that they were looking for a singer. I remember that I met them on a Thursday and that there was a lot of chemistry, from there, La Unión.

I have a doubt, Only for adults It would really be your second solo album, is that right?
Indeed, the truth is that yes. In 1994 I released a rock opera, The Red Boots, which I did halfway with Antonio García Cortés -keyboardist of the band, who came to compose a tune for La Vuelta Ciclista a España- and which was published by Warner. In the cast was Bimba Bosé in the role of my girlfriend, in fact, there is a video clip on YouTube of the first song that came out called Trust me.

In Only for adultsWhat sensations do you want to convey with the new songs?
It is a vision, from someone my age, of the times we are living. vampires It talks about how I approach young people to vampirize their ideas, their moment to better understand how things are done today. It is a metaphor, that vampirism that I exert on people younger than me.

In the fucking adage you use verses by Pablo Neruda, you add a base of urban rhythms and pop bolero, and all of this caramelizes them with the Adage from Albinoni. You’re very mixing, aren’t you?
Yes, but in the end it works. It’s quite an eclectic mix and it’s going to be my next single. It is not published yet, although it will soon see the light. It is a very special song with the melody of Albinoni’s adagio, with an urban rhythm, some trap and it happens that in the end the melody changes from being a bolero to a kind of tango.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​composing a song with those ingredients?
How I usually compose the songs, this time with the collaboration of Fermín Villaescusa. We’re talking about taking an old song from the classical repertoire and trying to do something with those chords. First we look for the harmony, then I introduce the melody and then the lyrics. It’s more or less the way I have of composing with other musicians.

Is the process of composing easier, given that you have more creative freedom, or are you limited by so many possibilities?
Of course, with much more freedom. When you are in a group, whether you like it or not, you have to be subject to everyone’s opinion when it comes to recording, and many times when there are differences of opinion it ends up being “neither for you nor for me”, ending up on the ground. from no one; and that in the end doesn’t work.

What sounds would you like to capture in subsequent works?
I have tried not to mislead my followers too much and that is why I have followed a line very close to what could be the most classic line of La Unión, as reflected in songs like dress up princess either Vampire, but from now on I want to get out of my comfort sphere. Also, with David Casamayor I have made a song for this spring that is quite powerful. It’s a type of music called EDM, it’s very machine music and with quite a strong rhythm and lyrics. Your title is turn me on And let’s just say that she’s quite hot.

Do you have a new project or collaboration in mind?
Well yes, I am going to continue composing songs with David Casamayor and today, for example, I have a meeting with some producers to resume rock opera precisely the red boots. My next project would be to release this opera after the release of the album Only for adults.

What does Rafa Sánchez listen to?
Of all kinds of music. A lot of the 80s, and what is being done internationally, or chillout versions of old songs.

Rafa Sánchez: “With the new solo album I have tried not to mislead my followers” | Popes80