Redheads: curiosities, myths and truths

Red hair has a tone that has usually achieved cast an enchantmentso much so that people have revered it, since even though it is natural or dyed, it is a rare color, and it is considered that only among the one and two percent of the world’s population is red-haired by birth.

Due to the above, some people tend to fall into some myths that were created in relation to red hair, and it is not precisely about tales or occultism, but about the false beauty beliefs that have been invented, in such a way that we will immediately tell you some of the myths of redheads.

Myths about redheads

Not a single gray hair in sight

One of the myths that possibly left many people wishing they had red hair is that gray hair supposedly does not appearhowever, the red manes are not saved, and although it is possible to be sure that they take a long time to appear, sooner or later, over the years, They start dating but it is not obvious at first, as red hair first depigments to blonde.

Only some have left

It is a myth that red hair only looks good on fair-skinned people, because although natural red hair is more visible on Caucasian skin, it is also a color that goes well on other skin tones, as long as people are able to pick the right hue.

Did they suck blood?

In Greece, redheads were believed to be vampires due to their pale skin and red hair, as well as once being accused of being vampires. witches and demons.

mass extinction

There was a myth about redheads they were going to be extinct in the 90s, for climate change issues, among others, which came from a British source. However, a specialist clinical geneticsclarified that only people whose mutation would determine a limitation in the reproductive capacityand that is not the case with redheads.

They were wizards and witches

During the Middle Ages, redheads were associated with evil, it was said that it was a fruit of dirty unions, sin, and that they even performed evil spells. It is a rejection that was born from the fact that people were physically different, in this case, because of the color of their hair.

Facts about redheads

There are almost no redheads

Red hair is scarcer, since dark hair color is more common, followed by blonde, however, being red is synonymous with having a thicker hair.

Fading over time

As well as other shades, the red color also goes losing intensity as the years go by. However, this process does not happen overnight, rather the pigmentation will gradually changing.

difficult to dye

It is true that red hair is more difficult to dye because these pigments they are more resistant than others, which makes it a bit more complicated to paint them, especially when you don’t go through a bleaching process previously.


Redheads: curiosities, myths and truths