Sabina will always be Sabina (even without Pancho Varona)

Uproar in the networks as a result of Pancho Varona’s announcement that, “against all odds & rdquor;, Joaquín Sabina will not have him on the tour that he will carry out in 2023, after almost four decades of complicity, and urgencies to point out victims and culprits. An outrage from the godlike artist to the industrious squire?

The reality, known to those closest to Sabina and her band, is that the bond had been eroding for many years, limiting itself to the field of tours, far from the camaraderie of the old days. There are aspects of a personal nature and some artistic reproach floating in the air, sources that beg for discretion tell me and that they advocate separating Sabina’s decision from Varona’s march, a year ago, from the Sabinera Nights. Yes, the caravan in which the singer-songwriter’s musicians celebrate their songs with the assistance of the public.

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Those Noches Sabineras, which were born at the Zac Club (La Boîte) in Barcelona in 2006, after Varona’s entente with the other historical mainstay, Antonio García de Diego, gradually incorporated the bulk of the band. Last year, after certain internal disagreements (and a discussed change of manager), Varona broke away from the gang to operate on his behalf. De Diego and company renamed themselves Malditos Benditos (La Banda Sabinera), and Varona, also managing that repertoire, created La Banda del Pirata Cojo. Both ruptures respond to their own logic, but That, last April, Sabina went on stage at Galileo Galilei (Madrid) to sing with Malditos Benditos (her first appearance in more than two years), was read as a gesture of validation from the big boss. Although, who knows if to sweeten it, the song he chose that night was ‘Peces de ciudad’, signed Sabina-Varona.

The disagreement goes back a long way, and Varona’s gradual loss of weight in Sabina’s work of the last decade is clearly visible. The most precious asset remains, the songs, many of which sprang from the tandem with De Diego, an equally central figure (like ‘Aves de paso’ or ‘Y sin embargo’). They will continue to play: in the clubs (Varona) and in large venues like the Palau Sant Jordi (Sabina), because the public has established it that way. Pentagram and star talent play in different leagues, and it’s inevitable that the greats have a bit of a vampire to them. With elegance: we must highlight the traditional Sabina’s willingness to grant authorship creditsthe question that more friendships and tender companionships has been carried forward in modern music.

Sabina will always be Sabina (even without Pancho Varona)