Santa Claus, reindeer and John Waters

VALENCIA. A John Waters He is obsessed with Christmas. It’s a fan. He is one of those who in July is already nervous thinking about decorations and gifts. The same thing happens to him as to supermarkets and large stores, which if they are neglected, in August they are already taking out nougats. Although the truth is that, despite the efforts that are made from the trade, Spain is not a first-rate Christmas country. We tried, but there is no way. Everything has its explanation. In León or Burgos it is easy to live Christmas properly; in Malaga and the Canary Islands, however, they have it fatally. Snow and cold equal reindeer and chimneys. Without that, Christmas is nothing more than a want and I can’t. A good prop also helps a lot. In New York the display of paraphernalia is overwhelming. The lights, the decorations, the windows full of gifts wrapped in shiny paper. If you’re in New York in December, you feel like buying everything you see, even if you end up in jail for not being able to afford it. With Christmas the same thing happens to us as with Halloween. No matter how much they sell us vampire costumes and even put pumpkins in our soup, Halloween doesn’t suit us. What hits us is All Souls Day, in the same way that our Christmases will always be more Berlanga than Capra. The Anglo-Saxons have Mariah Careywe have to Ana Obregon. we also have Cristina Pedroche and her collection of dresses to give the grapes, I think this is something unique in the world. John Waters would be dying of envy.

Joan Didion He said that anyone who fills their mouths talking about Californian hedonism has never spent Christmas in Sacramento. The time has come to talk about Christmas in Valencia. From the heat that it always does in Valencia at Christmas. All the heat that should be in Fallas is concentrated in December so that the artifice par excellence is multiplied by eight. If you live in the Alps and you have to rent a snowplow to go to lunch with your parents, it is logical that you want to celebrate Christmas, but if you live in a place where buying coats is a waste of money, what the hell are you going to do? celebrate? My Christmas feelings fell by the wayside. I am not practicing. The most Christmassy things I have at home are records of this musical subgenre by phil spector Y She&Himthe anthologies of the series Ultra Lounge and A Christmas Record of the ZE seal. He also owns a Ziggy Stardust. caganer that my friends from Barcelona gave me. That is all. I think there’s some tinsel in the storage room, keeping company with Jefferson Airplane records and Oasis. I don’t even bother buying a poinsettia for the living room anymore, why, if in March she will already be dead. As my working life is also life without living, this year I have no choice but to be austere. Nothing better than Christmas to reinforce your class consciousness.

For me, Christmas is a spectacle to contemplate, not to share. The charged effect of canned Christmas carols playing wherever you go. Those street lights that should be spectacular and that little by little have turned into something sad, in a loan that the faults -they again- make to Christmas to see if the good weather is on their side. Those herds of co-workers who have to meet on these dates to have dinner together. The number of stories you could write sitting next to one of those tables. I can’t think of anything more diabolical than a company dinner. Well, yes, Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch, which at a certain age you think about, but what the hell are we doing here? Alice Cooper He said that the happiest times of the year are the last day of school before summer and Christmas. That twisted taste that Alice Cooper has.

John Waters wrote about all this in his essay why i like christmas: “As the celebration of December 25 approaches, anxiety and the pressure of experiencing “happiness” are part of the ritual. If you can’t get into the party spirit, you’re either a communist or in dire need of a shrink. No wonder I don’t have friends”. The filmmaker, defender of these festivities for reasons completely different from those that guide, for example, Tamara Falco, also highlighted in his text the erotic power of Santa Claus. “Inventive businessmen should open a sadomasochistic bar called The Pole where dominant fetishists could dress up as old Santa Nick and passive gerontologists would get on all fours and get whipped like good reindeer.”.

At Christmas we wish each other happiness. These are dates designed for our generosity and empathy to emerge. The pandemic has served to show that we have no remedy. If before we were selfish, now, in addition to being selfish, we are aggressive and we don’t give a shit that it shows. We’ve had a very bad time, we’re dragging all kinds of consequences, and on top of that, since Putin has invaded Ukraine, everything is expensive, so we have to live the moment and save whoever can. This is the first unrestricted Christmas in two years. We are now free to go to the company dinner and spend as if we could really afford it. These are the universal days of the invocation of goodness because 2022 years ago the baby Jesus was born to redeem us from our sins. He must have said something on the twitter of his time because only 33 years later, he was tortured and murdered for trying to create a better world. Christmas as an intensive period of the practice of kindness. Love is in the air. Good wishes are the mantra these days. We congratulate ourselves on the holidays, although we don’t even know why we do it. And worst of all, if the baby in the manger were to be born again, we would end up with him again. We are so hopeless that the only thing I can think of to say is… Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus, reindeer and John Waters