Serial Moments 541


5.What We Do In The Shadows 4 × 07 – Woodland Trips and Family Dinners
Episode divided in two, with Nandor and Laszlo on a trip in the woods, and Guillermo and Nadja left at home (one without the other’s knowledge) to enjoy a well-deserved solitude. Let’s say that there would be serial moments in both stories: Nandor and Laszlo end up fighting with a puppet monster lover of Bon Jovi who seems to come out of an episode of the Power Rangers (and thank goodness the series is comical, so we can laugh at it); Guillermo, on the other hand, organizes a family dinner (family, let’s remember, in which the blood of vampire hunters flows) in which Nadja gets involved in spite of her, showing an embarrassed and accommodating side to which we are not used.

4.Only Murders in the Building 2 × 09 – Surprise (?)
I do not know if the discovery of the fact that Cinda Canning hides the very heavy turbid can be considered, in and of itself, a surprising serial moment, because actually she has never counted it too right.
At the same time, the way you get there, the progressive unveiling of his face, works great both on a narrative and cinematic level.
But then I would add an instinctive feeling that doesn’t have so much to do with the plot of the series, but with its interpreters: in the finale of this episode Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez discover a probable romantic-criminal liason between Tina Fey and Michael Rapaport .
I don’t know, it seems to me that when the authors wrote it on paper, then they must have raised their heads from the screen and said “no, oh well, how cool are we doing?”

3.The Sandman 1 × 11 – Surprise Episode
This is a serial moment that is not so much about the content of an episode (however commendable) but the modalities of its distribution.
The eleventh episode of the first season of The Sandman, centering on two near-standalone comic stories like “A Dream of Thousand Cats” and “Calliope,” was made available several days after the release of all other installments, and with virtually no prior announcement. Basically, we woke up and found it there.
An unexpected and welcome gift, which we gladly report.
If we then look in detail, the choice (I would say obligatory) for the animation in the first of the two stories turned out to be very effective, while the second sub-episode, although interesting in the concept, was significantly less raw than the comic, losing a little ‘of expressive strength.
But in short, never as in this case is it worth saying “a gift horse …”.

2.Westworld 4 × 08 – Extinctions
Ends the fourth season of Westworldand potentially the series as well, since it hasn’t been renewed for a fifth yet, and this episode could theoretically act as a series finale as well (which, I guess, was clear in the mind of the production).
I entered Westworld almost every week in Serial Moments, partly because there is little in the summer, and partly because he deserved it. But a weekly position in the Moments does not change the general impression we had already expressed, namely that of a series that has now lost a strong slice of its audience and will not be able to recover it.
And he certainly will not recover it with a season, and an ending, in which many things of a certain weight actually happen, but in which following all the implications of the science fiction plot well has become very problematic, probably too much for a TV series that has to work. for weeks and years.
In any case, we can tell ourselves that almost all the knots of the season are dissolved, in some cases with a fair amount of surprise.
We discover that Bernard’s strategy was first and foremost to persuade Charlotte and give up her plan of domination (which effectively led to near extinction both humanity and hosts) to free Dolores. And then we have the death (which would seem real death, because the spheres with the conscience are destroyed) of William and of Charlotte herself.
Christina, for her part, after discovering that she has been a Narrator in a digital world, rediscovers her nature as Dolores, also thanks to friends who (we discover) had recreated herself. The season ends with humanity substantially extinct (but a certain number of consciences are still preserved and, potentially, downloadable in robot bodies), with more or less pure robots, and with a Dolores who completely controls a Sublime that has become a land of digital experimentation. in which to re-try to give life to a coexistence between humans and hosts that does not lead to the extinction of both.
A particularly ambitious project that Dolores decides to implement… at Westworld, that is, in a version of her own of the western world at the beginning of the series.
Whether or not this experiment is shown to us is not yet known, but in the meantime, if someone asks us “sorry, how did it end Westworld? ”, We can answer“ with the extinction of practically all sentient life forms on Earth ”.
Which, however, has a certain effect.

1.Better Call Saul 6 × 13 – The end of everything
Of the ending of Better Call Saul we talked profusely, but of course Serial Moments are a great chance for a very latest goodbye.
Among the many possibilities, not least the scene with Bryan Cranston, for me there is no doubt: the last scene, that of Kim’s visit to Saul in prison, is the most significant. It is the one that manages to give a complete meaning to Saul’s actions, the one that shows us his little great redemption, the one that grants the protagonist the reward of a (perhaps) rediscovered friendship with Kim, and ultimately the one who, with those images so precisely composed and almost painted on the screen, winks a last eye to all those fans who, for years, have been applauding the ability to breaking Bad And Better Call Saul to work not only with history, but also and often above all with images.
We will never forget this series, and we will never forget this scene.

Serial Moments 541 – From 14 to 20 August 2022